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Will Jana Sena say bye bye to BJP?

  • BJP should declare Pawan as CM’s candidate, demands Jana Sainiks
  • Non-BJP leaders will not be announced for that post, says BJP
  • Jana Sena will be our ally, confirms BJP leaders
  • BJP targeting TDP to weaken it
  • Jana Sena wants to tango with TDP

Amravati: Political scenario in AP looks to be in a dramatic, seasaw condition between opposition parties, particularly  TDP, Jana Sena and BJP. All three want to play mind game and gain upper hand against the others. We don’t know who will win the show, but cadre of three parties are totally confused after the statements given by their leaders.

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Chandrababu Naidu asks Pawan to decide soon

Few days back, TDP Supremo Chandrababu Naidu came out by saying that it is the last chance for Jana Sena to decide about the alliance with them or his party is ready to go it alone in the next elections. Reacting to that statement, Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan said that they sacrificed a lot in previous elections and it is time for others to do the same for next assembly elections, indirectly pointing towards TDP. In the mean while, Jana Sainiks demanded their alliance party, BJP, to announce Pawan as CM’s candidate for 2024 fight, but the reply from Saffron party was little harsh on Monday. Satya Kumar, BJP’s National General Secretary, clarified that it is not the culture of his party to make non-BJP leaders as CM. This poured cold water on hopes of Janasainiks.

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Satya kumar said that party will take appropriate decision at election time on CM’s candidate and warned Pawan not to fall in trap of YSRCP like CBN did in 2019. BJP will continue  its alliance with Jana Sena, but does not demand that one person’s name should be announced as CM’s candidate before elections. Our national Leaders will decide after talks with all sections, said another leader of BJP, GVL. Narasimha Rao, MP.

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Time for Jana Sena to decide 

The reply from BJP leaders pushed Jana Sena cadre into dilemma, who were hoping that they can demand or bargain the numbers from TDP leaders in future if necessary. On the other hand, TDP is in a little josh after watching the response from public in recent meetings held by Chandrababu Naidu and Lokesh. TDP wants Jana Sena whether BJP agrees or not, but it is Pawan who was in an indecisive postion. Few leaders of Jana Sena claim that party will win more seats if they go into fray single handed without any alliance with any party. “”Our vote bank is increasing day by day and we want to be king maker, we lost in two elections and want to show power this time, why to waste time in bargaining seat, let us go it alone,” is the common refrain among Jana Sena cadre.

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What will Pawan Kalyan do now? Leave about his options, now the opposition parties are giving him options and it is better for him to decide early as the cadre wants to start their ground work consistently in constituencies in common , neutral mindset.   

BJP is playing mind game with both TDP and Jana Sena to be as main opposition for YCP. It is luring senior TDP leaders and cadre to join the BJP.  We have to see how this triangle love story ends at the end for 2024 elections.

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