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Annamalai, TN BJP President, appears certain to go places

  • Youngest Tamil Nadu BJP President ever
  • Former 2011 batch IPS officer of Karnataka cadre
  • He can boost BJP image, believe Delhi leaders
  • Surely man to watch in coming years in Tamil Nadu

Chennai: When Delhi BJP leaders gave green signal to Annamalai to be TN State BJP President, many thought that it was due to elevation of Murugan as Union Minister, but there are other thoughts, say analysts. With a long term plan, central BJP leaders paved way to a young 37 year old former IPS officer who is said to be first to rise in position in TN unit just within a year after joining the saffron party.

BJP national president JP Nadda admitting Annamalai into the party

Annamalai, hails from an agricultural background family belonging to Gounder community says that he does not want to fit in typical Dravidian political mould. The BJP High Command strongly feels that he is the person who can finish off the factionalism in the party and will boost the party’s image in the Dravidian state, TN, where it has been a minor player until now. BJP has little pockets of influence in the region of Kongu belt in Tamil Nadu and this leader is now eyeing on that region with strong community background.

Annamalai lost by a margin of 24,000 votes to a DMK candidate in the previous elections from Aravakurichi constituency, but he was successful in touching the hearts of Delhi leaders which fetched him BJP President post in the state. He is also author and his book titled “The Agents of change-How a Life in Khaki unmade me” published by Bloomsbury got applause from many. He started a foundation which is empowering rural farmers and skills and training college students in the name of “ We The Leaders Foundation”, in Karur.

Annamalai enthusing the party workers

This young leader’s aggression will revitalise the party in the state, BJP leaders believe and his community Gounder, which is of former CM Eddapadi Palaniswamy, is slowly moving towards BJP as per reliable sources. If it is true, for the first time in history of Tamil Nadu, we can see a surge of Saffron in coming days.


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