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Mood of the Nation: Modi unstoppable, say surveys

  • No one to defend Modi at central level
  • Modi’s graph increases dramatically in the last two years
  • Modi- led central Government completes 8 years on May 30th, 2022
  • Still graph is increasing day by day without any anti-incumbency
  • Survey by Local circles, report by Bloomberg confirms the same

New Delhi: Modi-led Central Government completed 8 years on May 30th and the show looks to be unbeatable in next elections too as per latest reports and surveys by different agencies. All section of people expressed happiness over the rule of Modi government. The graph which had fallen to 51 percent in 2021 during second wave of pandemic from 62% of 2020 improved to 71% as per latest surveys with the public moving towards Modi with a satisfaction that Government has taken variety of impactful policies which are broad based and help sustained development in the country.

RBI’s favourable annual report

 Report by RBI stating that India’s economy is recovering from previous annual report also showed positive sign for Modi’s Government as per survey. The popularity of Modi is highest since start of pandemic as per latest survey by Local There are other few findings in the survey like; Government was effective in improving communal harmony (60%), doing business in India became easier (50%), optimistic about their and their families future in India (73%). Majority expressed their satisfaction that Government has managed economy effectively and handled third wave with better preparations and control measures. The surprise  was that 79% believe that India’s influence in the World has risen.

Modi heading towards record

There is clear hint, indications and atmosphere that Modi-led BJP is heading towards Hat- trick as of now. If it happens, Modi will create record as continuous, consecutive Prime Minister for third term. There are speculations that Modi will resign at middle of the term during the third innings as he would reaches 75 years and hand over the reins to his successor. Barring such an eventuality, he might continue. Whatever be the case,  his name will be etched in the history as the pioneer of Saffron era in Indian politics.

Gandhi’s era surpassed?

According to latest National level surveys, 2024 election results are predicted a hat trick win for BJP-led Government which pushes Congress and Gandhi’s era into the background and puts a question mark. Surveys say that the Congress is getting even down when compared to 2019 results and giving more edge to regional parties like TMC, DMK, TRS and YSRCP. If these predictions are true, there will be certain jolt to Congress party at National level. Congress party rejuvenation after 2014 and 2019 defeats has not been seen yet and on one side with regional satraps such as Mamatha, Kejriwal, KCR aiming guns at Modi, Rahul Gandhi or the Congress leaders appear to be mentally preparing for yet another loss.

Modi dominates Rahul as preferred PM in Southern bastion

A survey conducted by C Voter on behalf of IANS in four states, West Bengal, Kerala, Assam, Tamil Nadu and in UT Puducherry clearly revealed that Modi is way ahead of Rahul Gandhi as PM choice. This survey was done exactly one year after assembly elections held in these states. In Kerala, 28% preferred Modi as next PM with 20.38% respondents preferring Rahul Gandhi; don’t forget that latter was sent to Lok Sabha from this state.

In Tamil Nadu, 29.56% preferred Modi as PM closely followed by Rahul Gandhi with 24.65%. In West Bengal, Modi was accepted by 42.37% as preferred PM, followed by Chief Minister Mamatha (26.08%).

In Puducherry, nearly 49.91% backed Modi as preferred PM and all these findings show that Modi’s graph is increasing in all regions across the country with no alternative personality emerging  to counter his charisma.

Results of the above survey were released on 20 May 2022, exactly one year after assembly elections in the 4 states.


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