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Does Chiranjeevi support Jana Sena?

  • Party’s PAC Chairman Manohar held meet with Chiru fans on Sunday
  • Mega Brother Nagababu reveals that Mega star will support Jana Sena
  • Chiranjeevi not interested in politics and passionate about cinemas
  • Pawan speaks on alliances and comes out with three options

Amaravati: One thing is clearly visible in AP politics.   Jana Sena is moving with little aggression  than earlier with series of meetings within the party with an outcome of key suggestions and activities to be taken up in future. Added to this, for the first time, party is holding series of meets with Chiranjeevi fans, which is surprising. On May 22nd, Chiranjeevi fans district Presidents from 13 districts of AP met in a hotel in Vijayawada and extended support for Jana Sena. They also gave statement that their aim is to make Pawan Kalyan sit on the top chair in AP politics. This is Ok for Mega fans or Pawan fans to feel happy for a while, but had they not supported Jana Sena in 2014 and 19 elections? They did and worked at ground level in both the elections and in 2014, Ram Charan, Allu Arjun and Sai Dharam Tej came out openly in support to Pawan kalyan. Had Chiru fans forgotten this? Why this sudden statements? Did they receive any signal from their Boss, Chiranjeevi? Will Mega Hero enter political arena once again just before elections of 2024?

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Manohar thanks Chiru fans

On Sunday, June 5th, Janas Sena PAC Chairman Nadendla Manohar thanked Chiranjeevi fans for extending their support at a meet held in Mangalagiri party office. He directed fans to go into villages and start campaign against YCP and the importance of Pawan Kalayan coming to power for the sake of State’s development. “Keep three months time, work hard, work united, explain Pawan’s vision for state to voters,” said Manohar at the meet. What surprises the political observers is that why these meetings in the name of Chiru fans at this juncture? It is true that without Chiru fans Pawan could not gather or gained support in politics when he suddenly launched party few months before of 2014 elections. Speculations in social media that there will be another round of meet with Nagababu and then finally with Chiranjeevi, who will direct his fans to work at ground level. The route map for fans will be given by actor-turned-politician Chiranjeevi, believe hardcore fans. But there was no signal or hint that Chiranjeevi will once again step into politics and he is busy with 5 films on floor to come out.

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Alliance with TDP looks to be certain

Pawan kalyan looks to be firm in going for alliance with the TDP in coming elections. Even his close aides say that talks are going on between two parties on seat sharing and once they get clarity, they may come out with a statement, probably by this year end. On Sunday, former Union Minister and BJP’s leader Purandeswari said that BJP high command will decide on alliance and reiterated that alliance with Jana Sena is strong. But Pawan looks to be unhappy with the move of BJP during Tirupati by-poll and in upcoming Atmakuru by-poll. BJP leaders announced that party will contest in Atmakuru without having a word with Jana Sena chief. They did not even intimate to Pawan Kalyan about party’s President J.P. Nadda’s visit to Rajahmundry on June 7th. This shows the gap has been widening between the two parties. At the same time, Pawan on Saturday in a meeting clarified that party sacrificed in 2014 and in 2019 elections for the sake of alliance and it is time for ally to sacrifice in upcoming elections, keeping in mind TDP Supreme Naidu.

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Will Janasena ally with both BJP and TDP like what it did in 2014 elections or will ditch BJP and move with TDP? What are the three options before Pawan Kalyan? One, to continue alliance with the BJP. Second, to bring in TDP into the alliance so that like in 2014 all the three, Jana Sena, TDP and BJP could fight together. Three, Jana Sena would go alone in 2024. Whatever the option the goal is coming to power this time, Pawan Kalyan said. Will Chiru come out openly to support Jana Sena? Let us wait for the latest developments in AP politics.

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