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Six influencing trends of 2024 poll

Dr. N Bhaskara Rao

How is this general election different?. Why this is going to be the most expensive election? A lot of experts wonder about it. And media reporters are after the facts. Everyone wants to know. So many referred to the estimates of expenditure, including quoting mine based on decades of field studies at micro and macro level. Six distinct trends could be summed up for now (April 15) a few weeks before the beginning of the polling.

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First, long drawn ever poll. Stretched over six months, although officially 45 days

Second, cash cow parties and candidates. In the wake of burst of Bonds scandal

Third, unleashing of a Mandi phenomena in poll scene with too many criss crossing

Fourth, many more outlets and channels to manipulate, beyond poll surveys

Five, free for all without level playing and even chance for a local voter and candidate

Six, as if it is all incumbent’s khel, led and manoured by those in power

The blatant casualty of the elections is representativeness of candidates and the elected. As if it is now “We the political parties”, and no longer “We the people of India” as the Constitution contends…..and expects.

The next twist in this saga is going to be with ”One India, One Election” (read my two articles on this topic).

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Dr. N. Bhaskara Rao
Dr. N. Bhaskara Rao
Dr. N. Bhaskara Rao has been crusading environmental activism with CMS Vatavaran ( movement last two decades.


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