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Farmers fight pitched battles with police on their way to Delhi

New Delhi: Farmers of Punjab armed with sticks and swords fought  the security forces who are trying to stop them from entering Haryana on their way to Delhi. They flung the barricades placed on a narrow bridge into a river. They threw bricks and stones at the police and pushed their vehicles out of the way as they continued with their ‘Chalo Delhi’ march. Haryana which is ruled by the BJP has been using heavy force to block farmers who were coming from Punjab. After two hours of pitched battles with the police on the bridge braving tear gas shells and water cannons, the Punjab farmer had managed to enter Haryana.

Protest against farm laws

The farmers were continuing their protest against what they call anti-farmer legislations made by the NDA government. It was a fierce confrontation between farmers coming from the Congress ruled Punjab and the police force deployed by the BJP ruled Haryana government. Punjab farmers crossed the narrow bridge and entered Haryana on their way to Delhi. They threw the barricades placed by the police into a river and raised their fists in joy.

Angry farmers from six States

Farmers from six States – Punjab, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh,Rajasthan and Kerala are participating in the protest rally to be organised in Delhi. They were protesting against three farm laws the NDA government got passed in parliament. The Central government says the three laws were meant to improve the income of the farmers by permitting them to sell their produce anywhere they like in the country in commercial way. But the farmers and their leaders believe that the laws are part of the ploy to surrender the farms and farmers’ interests to multi-national companies and favourable Indian companies like that of Ambanis and Adanis.


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