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Farmers who lost lands felt like child is taken away from mother: Rajender

  • Element of democracy missing in KCR’s rule
  • No honour given to legislature and secretariat
  • KCR even dictating media houses on coverage of my programs

BJP candidate in Gajwel Assembly constituency Etela Rajender said that there is no scale to find the agony of the farmers, whose lands were acquired for various projects in Gajwel constituency. He said that they felt of losing land just like separating a child from his mother. “There are no words to explain the pain and agony of the land losers of Kondapochamma and Mallannasagar projects. The government had not treated the farmers as humans. Many of the farmers are participating in my campaign and narrating their woes to other farmers of Gajwel constituency,” he said.

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The BJP leader said that the people are receiving him well in each and every village is extending their full support. The villagers are giving slogans to end the feudal rule in Gajwel and Telangana. He said that the Dalits, who were cultivating assigned lands, were driven out under land acquisition program. It is nothing but injustice, he said.

The youth are against the government for not providing jobs to them. No TPSC test was conducted in KCR’s ten years rule. He said that the youth are in distress and it is time to examine and address their issues. He said that the people of Gajwel are utterly unhappy that they cannot meet and talk to their  MLA. When asked about prospects of his win in Gajwel, he said that he is confident of winning here and the people are inviting him to visit their houses with love and affection.

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Rajender said that the combined duration of the Assembly and Council sessions of Telangana amounted to only 14 days-11 days for the budget session and three days for the winter session. In contrast in the era of United Andhra Pradesh, Assembly sessions were conducted for nearly 65 days in a year.

He said that Chief Minister is telling all lies pertaining to the power sector. According to Central Electricity Authoirity’s report, no power projects had been completed in Telangana in the last nine and half years. He pointed out that the Discoms in the state were reeling under huge debt. (eom)

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