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Why the deliberate propaganda on ‘Bhatti’s win in Madhira?

  • Is Bhatti really facing tough time in the election?
  • Are the rivals playing the mind game against him?
  • What is the ground reality in Madhira?
  • Will Bhatti’s astuteness help him win?

The Prime Post received a number of calls from political activists and others  enquiring about the trends in Madhira constituency.  The question is – “Is Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka facing tough time in this election in Madhira?” Are there any facts supporting the guess?.That is the question.

The CLP leader won from Madhira in 2018 elections with the margin of 3600 votes. Frankly, Bhatti’s defeat is clear in 2018 elections prior two days of elections held on December 7. Bhatti found some inconvenience before the date and swung into action. He worked 48 hours before election date and turned the segment in his favour. The end result was, he won in Madhira.

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The people, who are arguing on the hypothesis of ‘tough time to Bhatti’, are referring to the 1.20 lakh beneficiaries of government’s schemes,  including Rythu Bandu, Aasara pensions, Dalit Bandu and Kalyanalaxmi in, Madhira constituency and others including a little opposition among mala community, his reserved mannerism with the people . They said that majority of these beneficiaries will be on the side of BRS and they will give an edge to the ruling party candidate.

 K Srinivas, a teacher in Bonakal said, “The BRS government is facing severe anti-incumbency this time and this atmosphere is prevalent in Madhira too. It will fetch the Congress candidate. There is resentment even among the beneficiaries. The alleged corruption of BRS government is a point of discussion everywhere”. There are other rumours that the leaders, who were competitors in CM race, may try to disturb him.

Lingala Kamalaraju, zilla parishad chairperson, acted as ruling party representative in Madhira segment for the last five years. He used to tour various villages and attend official programs in government vehicle as a VIP. L Biksham of Chintakani said, “Cases have been filed against political rivals at the instance of Kamalraj. BRS had some opposition in the segment because of the litigation,” he said. Prime Post  asked six persons at Bonakal Centre to name the winning party in Madhura. Only four persons responded to the question and all the four said it would be the Congress.

Pertaining to Kamma and Reddy votes, majority of kamma voters were in favour of Bhatti in 2018 election due to Congress alliance with Telugu Desam. Sixty percent of Reddy voters voted for him. Moreover, Ponguleti Srinivas Reddy, now a prominent leader in the Congress, campaigned for BRS candidate in 2018 election.

N Prathyusha, who is picking up cotton in the field at Pandillapalli in Chintakani mandal, said that she will vote to Congress this time. She said that she was told of six guarantees of Congress as good ones. I S Reddy of Pandillapalli village said, “The Congress candidate had all the weapons including guile and financial strength. Bhatti used to deal even the person opposing him with a smile.  Further, his friendship with the sarpanches and ZPTCs of ruling party will be helpful to him in the elections. This will bail out him out from all odds. Congress candidate knew the value of this election in his life.” (eom)

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