Will triangle fight in Kothagudem throw a surprise?

  • How Jalagam as AIFB candidate came into race?
  • How his name spread in the segment in ‘no time’
  • Is ‘R’ factor a problem for BRS in Kothagudem?
  • Is the race between Kunamaneni and Jalagam?

It seems Kothagudem assembly segment is witnessing a triangular fight. Jalagam Venkat Rao, former MLA and son of former chief minister Andhra Pradesh, who entered the fray in the last minute, has made the election in Kothagudem a ‘triangular contest’.

Interestingly, there was no sign of Jalagam Venkat Rao filing of nomination till November 9, 2023. He rushed to Kothagudem and filed his nomination papers on November 10, the last date of filing nomination, from All India Forward Bloc, a party established in West Bengal with the spirit of Subhash Chandra Bose. Immediately after his nomination, he swung into action and made allegation on the nomination papers of BRS candidate Vanama Venkateswara Rao. He demanded the Election Commission officials to reject Vanama’s nomination. He submitted substantial documents to back his allegations.

Secondly, Jalagam targeted ‘R’ factor, which is a nuisance to BRS. The ‘R’ factor in Kothagudem is Vanama Raghavender, son of BRS candidate Vanama Venkateswara Rao. There is a lot of uproar against the character of Raghavender, who is facing a criminal case regarding the suicide of a family which was burnt alive. Jalagam succeeded to make the people, particularly women, aware by focusing the misdeeds of Raghavender.

Thirdly, he campaigned on the snail’s pace of development projects in Kothagudem. With this, the business community and youth turned in favour of him. He listed out the projects that he commenced as MLA between 2014 and 2018 and their  present status. After his defeat in 2018 election, he was in touch with the farmers and various leaders. He solved many problems including dharani issues of the farmers by approaching concerned officials. Such gestures got him good image in the hearts of the people. He was in touch with the leaders of each and every village and designed a plan for 2023 election. The cells, which he established for the last five years, started working from November 11. With this, it is easy for him to get into limelight in the segment within a short period.

On the other hand, the joining of five CPI councilors into BRS before filing of nomination of Kunamneni Sambasiva Rao, as Congress-CPI combine candidate, is a big blow to him. Congress leaders extended full support to Kunamneni and readied their cadre in support of CPI. It is a big relief to CPI candidate.

As far as BRS candidate Vanama Venkateswara Rao is concerned, he had some relief on the joining of leaders of other parties into the ruling party. At the same time, ‘R’ factor became a curse for him and BRS leaders are struggling to bail him out from it.

R Srinatha Rao, a teacher in Kothagudem, said, “It is a fact that triangle fight is on here and the tactics adopted by Jalagam worked well. In my opinion, the race will be between Jalagam and Kunamneni in Kothagudem” (eom)



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