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People of Telangana are ready to give impressive mandate for Congress -Bhatti

  • Congress will cross 75- seat mark
  • Great response to Rahul and Priyanka meetings
  • Promising good governance to the people of Telangana
  • Best democratic practice is the assurance of Congress
  • Wasteful expenses will be checked at all stages in government
  • Welfare of poorer sections would be the first priority
  • CLP leader Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka opens his mind a day before the election
  • Gives exclusive interview to the Prime Post (PP)

PP: What is your guess on the election results in Telangana? Are you expecting comfortable number of seats for Congress?

Bhatti:  Voters of Telangana, who were vexed with the autocratic rule of Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao, decided to bring Congress to power. I noticed such a pitch in Telangana in the campaign in my own constituency and elsewhere. Congress will get more than 75 seats in the election.

Bhatti canvassing support to candidates in other constituency

PP: Do you have any scale to measure the pulse of the people? Do you notice the thousands of people attending the meetings of KCR and other BRS leaders?

Bhatti: We should not come to a conclusion on the victory of a political party merely basing on the attendance of the people in a public meetings. The response of the people, the coining of the words by the voters and indirect statements by individuals are important. You should find the difference between the people attending the public meeting of a political party after providing all facilities and the voters attending spontaneously on their own to the program of another party. The voluntary response from the people to the Congress meetings is one of the positive signs for the party.

Bhatti talking about the five guarantees promised by the Congress

PP: What is the reach of Congress six guarantees and other assurances? What are your other promises to the people?

Bhatti: The people received the six guarantees of Congress well and they (six guarantees) were made points of discussion even in country-side. Apart from it, Congress is also promising to extend good governance to the people. Telangana will witness the best democratic practices during Congress rule. It is a tragedy in BRS rule that CLP leaders or TPCC presidents were put under house-arrest while they were visiting irrigation projects.

PP: Financial experts say that the six promises Congress made will not be feasible due to the budget constraints. How will Congress fulfill its promises?

Bhatti: We will fulfill our promises without any doubt. Wasteful expenditure will be checked at all stages of the governance and money saved after following prudent measures will be shifted to the welfare schemes.

PP: Do you think there was profligacy during BRS rule?

Bhatti: Yes. Wasteful expenditure was witnessed everywhere in the BRS government. Kaleswaram Lift Irrigation Scheme (KLIS) is the best example. Thousands of crores have gone waste in the project due to faulty design. Whose money is this? The issue of poverty in Telangana could have been solved with that kind of money. It is a miserable failure on the part of KCR. Not only Kaleswaram, the over-spending is visible in Mission Bhagiratha and other projects.

PP: What is the response to the tours of AICC leaders Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi?

Bhatti: How I am saying that Congress is coming to power in Telangana? It was based on the response from the people to the tours of Rahul and Priyanka. I wondered about the attendance of a massive crowd of 50 kilometer distance in erstwhile Warangal and Adilabad districts to the road show of Rahulji. In Khammam district, the people came out from their houses voluntarily to the Priyanka Gandhi’s road shows.

Bhatti addressing a hall meeting in his constituency 

PP: There is adverse propaganda on your winning prospects. Are you Comfortable in Madhira?

Bhatti: I will win in Madhira with a margin of more than 50,000 votes. The voters of Madhira are very wise and they know what to do in the election. I visited all habitations in my segment apart from participating in campaigns of other assembly segments in the state as CLP leader.

PP: Are you comfortable with newcomers in Congress like former minister Tummala Nageswara Rao and former MP P Srinivasa Reddy?

Bhatti: We three (Bhatti-Tummala-Ponguleti) together took up campaigns in Wyra and Sattupalli apart from our own segments like Madhira, Khammam and Palair. We are all Congress party workers. There are no differences among us. (eom)   


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