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Is there any end to the violations by KMC staff in the elections?

  • Outsourcing employees of Corporation distribute money on behalf of a political party?
  • Audio of DBR beneficiary on district electoral officer becomes  viral
  • Election officials’ actions prove to be ridiculous affair

It is crystal clear that the government machinery is extending its full support to the ruling party in the present elections. But, some of the officials, who noticed the coming of the opposition party into power, are a bit neutral. Neither the police nor the election officials have a clue on the distribution of money to the voters by the ruling party activists. Interestingly, the two sections had a tip-off on the distribution of money by the opposition party candidate. Immediately, the police and election officials cordoned off the area and checked the money distribution. The act should be definitely appreciated if the police and election officials acted the same on the ruling party money distribution.

B V Kumar distributing money to the voters in 43 division

In this backdrop, the audio of Shaik Samreen Sultana on the comments against election officials and police has gone viral in Khammam. The Congress activists used to distribute money in seventh division in the limits of Khammam Municipal Corporation (KMC). The woman questioned innocently the district collector cum district electoral officer V P Gautham why the police and you witnessed here and not visible while ruling party activists were distributing money to the voters yesterday. She was not aware she referred the issue to the higher official of the district and district collector. She said that the official asked the lower officials to cancel her Double Bed-room (DBR) house for questioning him. Did I make any mistakes in it? “I just asked the official why the election officials had not turned to the place when the ruling party did the same thing yesterday”. She sent the audio to all the parties, leaders, scribes and others and questioned them “Will I lose my DBR for questioning the district electoral officer?”

B V Kumar distributing money to a woman in 43 division while others are waiting for their turn.

On the other hand, the outsourcing staff were caught on cameras while distributing money to the voters on behalf of a political party. B V Kumar, outsourcing worker of KMC caught in a video while distributing money to the voters in polling booth number 177 under 43 division. It is a perfect violation of the Model Code of Conduct by the KMC employee. The hollowness of the Election Commission is exposed in Khammam. (eom)


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