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Is the Congress campaign in ‘T’ under AICC’s lens?

The observers of AICC are vigilant

When Prime Post visited DCC office christened as Sanjeeva Reddy Bhavan in the evening, silent atmosphere is prevailed. DCC office in-charge Gopal Rao invited into DCC office.

While offering tea, he introduced AICC observer Bangalore Ranganath Anil Kumar who was busy in sending reports to AICC headquarters. Prime Post asked him a volley of questions on which mission he was in Khammam, what are his observations, defects of candidates, prospects of candidates and other things. Suddenly, he was alert after noticing a message in his WhatsApp. He asked the office in-charge to send the photos that DCC employee received to his WhatsApp group. Anil continued the discussion with the Prime Post after forwarding the photo to AICC. When asked why  are you in so much of hurry to send the pictures? Anil said, “Congress Rajya Sabha MP Imran Prathap Garhi from Maharastra along with former MP and cricketer Azaruddin came to Khammam to address Noor basha muslims here to appeal to extend support to Congress in the present election. The AICC headquarters received the photo from other source before the AICC observer posted it. I posted it now”.

Prime Post, which covered programs of AICC observers, was surprised by the answer given by Anil. Earlier, the observers used to stay at hotels and visit villages just for the  namesake and  did not interact with the people there. Many of them send reports like ‘All is well’ to AICC.  Recalling the difference in the approach between then and now, Anil said that the system is changed now and there will be regular follow up by the headquarters.

For example, noor basha muslims are a segment in muslim minorities and Congress is following ‘No stone unturned’ policy in the election.

Anil was given thirteen assembly segments under two Lok Sabha constituencies – Khammam and Mahabubabad.

On the election campaign of Congress candidates, he said that the campaign is a bit slow when compared to BRS. Congress will have good winning chance in all segments. Anil said the campaign of Congress candidate in Aswaraopet J Adinarayana is so good and he is staying in the village when the campaign ends. “I used to send reports to AICC and it will alert the candidates to address the lapses in the campaign. He said Congress has succeeded in Karnataka with the system.

Tailpiece -Prime Post enquired another person about Aswaraopet Congress candidate. It appears that the candidate has been improving in a remarkable way. (eom)

End of the matter sir


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