Sunday, January 24, 2021

Prof. M. Sridhar Acharyulu

Prof. M. Sridhar Acharyulu
Author is former Central Information Commissioner and Professor of Law at Bennett University

Why farmers rejected Govt’s positive proposal?

Dying in cold and facing water cannons A 76 year old farmer Baldev Singh, from Punjab, faced the water cannon of Haryana police. Later he...

1.3 Lakh farmers are consulted through webinars! And 2.23 crore contacted by SMS!!

If what is claimed by Union Law Minister is true, all our farmers are tech-savvy, rich enough to connect by smart phones or laptops...

Why is AG asking SC about police powers?

Surprisingly, the police and the Centre are asking the Supreme Court to guide it what police must do to prevent the farmers’ plan to...

Failure of the Apex court’s Committee

Farmers Agitation against Farm Harm Laws The Committee appointed by the Supreme Court fizzled out as soon as it was formed. One member recused and...

Goda laid path for all of us to reach Parandhama

Tiruppavai 30 Ranganatha heard the call of Goda, took all her messages through Manmatha, Tulasi, Flowers and Pashurams and decided to bless her with bliss...

Oh Krishna, Let us Serve You for 7 generations

Thiruppavai 29 Transliteration Shittrum sirukaale vandu unnai  sevitthu un Pottramarai adiye pottrum porull kelaay Pettram meytthundum kulathil pirandu  nee Kuttreval engalai kolllamall pogadu Ittrai parai kollvaan andru kaan Govinda Ettraikkum ezheazh...

Will SC ‘stay’ the implementation of Farm Acts?

Supreme Court might save the face of adamant centre. It appears that the Supreme Court is going to put an end to the farmers laws...

Farm Harm Law –II: Centre Removes the State’ power to regulate supply of Essential Commodities

The agricultural farm produce is equated with food stuff in Essential Commodities (Amendment) Act 2020 also. The Statement of Objects and Reasons mentions a...

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