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It’s Revanth vs Sharmila in Telangana

  • High Command nod to Revanth’s demands
  • T Congress leaders to fight against YSR’s legacy
  • KCR’s silence on Sharmila raises eyebrows

Hyderabad: There is a clear indication from Delhi sources that Malkajgiri MP Revanth Reddy will be appointed TPCC president soon after results of MLC election results were declared. The Congress high command has kept aside all ideas of social justice as far as TPCC is concerned and wants to pick up a mass leader in Telangana to stop further erosion of the party. After leaders and second level cadres of congress in Telangana started slipping slowly either to the BJP or looking at Sharmila’s new party, the high command wants to control the further damage to the party as per sources.

Who will get YSR’s legacy?

Certainly this will be an issue between T congress and Sharmila. The announcement of Sharmila on Feb 9th that she wants to launch a political party to bring Rajanna Rajyam in Telangana created ripples in all political parties. It is imminent that ‘YSR’ legacy, like in neighbouring state, TN, for Jayalalaitha(late), will become a debate in Telangana. Congress party says that it has every right on YSR’s legacy and Hyderabad development like ORR, International airport, Hyderabad Metro, Financial district foundation stones were done during his term. But Sharmila, daughter of late chief minister of undivided Andhra Pradesh, Y.S. Rakasekhar Reddy, says that there is no Rajanna Rajyam in Telangana and her aim is to establish that, indirectly hinting that YSR’s legacy belongs to her.

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KCR silent on Sharmila

Telangana Chief Minister K.Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR), has been silent for a few days without criticism against Sharmila or her plans of floating a party in Telangana. He came into power by declaring Andhra politicians have no place in Telangana and almost banned them from contesting in Telangana elections. He was successful by eradicating names of Andhra politicians in Telangana up to 2018 elections by using his trump card, Telangana sentiment. But his silence on Sharmila, who is daughter of his arch political rival, YSR, raised concerns in T congress. They strongly believe that Sharmila’s party will make congress empty in Telangana and will fetch TRS in future.

Revanth not outsider, say his aides

Revanth Reddy’s close aides express anguish when someone says that he is an outsider, from TDP. Siddaramaih of Karnataka is from other party, Waghela of Gujarat was a BJP leader , look into Maharashtra where Nana Patole was appointed as PCC President even though he came from the BJP, are the examples Revanth followers are citing. The party high command also wants to put an end for this argument. Delhi congress sources are keen now on preventing migrations and to go ahead with mass leader appeal Revanth as TPCC President. Even his followers agree that without high command’s blessings, Revanth will not meet farmers’ leader Rakesh Tikait in Delhi and invited him to Telangana to address farmers. Meanwhile, the BJP started ‘Operation Akarsh’ by inviting congress leaders into its fold. It has a clear information that the congress leaders will join Sharmila’s party once she floats one.

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