Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Anumula Revanth Reddy is most likely to be the new CM of Telangana?

  • Congress, which got pass marks, should be cautious
  • The new CM should extend good governance to the people
  • Mandate of the people may be considered precarious

The new CM does not need to make a big exercise to run the government, but it should always keep in mind the undemocratic systems that were adopted by the outgoing chief minister.

Proposing of christening the Pragathi Bhavan as Ambedkar Praja Bhavan is a good initiative of the new government. There is every possibility that the opposition parties led by BJP and BRS may create various hurdles to the new government. Such barriers should be addressed through democratic practices. TPCC president Revant Reddy said that the new government will honour the voices of all opposition parties in the state which should take part in the implementation of government policies. Reddy said that there would be no restrictions to the people on entering Praja Bhavan.  

The election result in Telangana is not a Tsunami or landslide victory of Congress. It seems that the people, who had given its verdict with a cautious note, given their uncomfortable memories with the Congress rule in previous occasions in united Andhra Pradesh. The new rulers should keep their conditional verdict in mind with due respect to the people. Congress candidates had won with massive margins in fifteen assembly segments in Khammam, Nalgonda, Warangal and Mahabubnagar districts. The crossing of 50,000 votes was a majority mark by Ponguleti Srinvasa Reddy in Palair, more than 45,000 votes by Tummala Nageswara Rao in Khammam and Komatireddy Venkat Reddy in Nalgonda were among them. Notably, Congress did not get a single seat in Hyderabad and it won fewer seats in Medak, Adilabad and Nizamabad districts. Revanth Reddy’s leadership helped the Congress in galvanising anti-KCR voters. The victory of BJP, which won eight seats, is helpful to the BRS indirectly in winning impressive seats. Otherwise, the BRS winning mark may be below thirty in the elections. The BJP seized a considerable share of anti-incumbency votes from Congress and it helped BRS to get 39 seats. (eom)


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