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Sharmila: Will she be a force to reckon with in Telangana?

  • Intensifies her efforts to float a party in Telangana
  • Gaining support from leaders of various districts
  • Looks confident as she interacts with people

Hyderabad: Y.S.Sharmila is the talk of Telangana politics now. On day one, Feb 9th, when she announced that there is need to establish ‘Rajanna Rajyam’ in Telangana, major political parties took it light. But as the days progressed, parties changed their mind and started aiming guns at her with salvos. This clearly indicates that Sharmila is slowly and steadily gaining popularity in Telangana.

Sharmila, with different approach

Sharmila is not in a hurry to announce a party in short span and go into public. She is coming up with different agenda and taking opinions of leaders, cadre who are coming to meet her at Lotus Pond. The feedback form she is giving to the cadre targets both BJP, TRS and ignored the Congress. At the same time, questioning the cadre whether there is need to float party in Telangana to bring Rajanna Rajyam. Her style of chorus, “Jai Telangana, Johar YSR” received huge applause when she met her supporters from  Hyderabad, Ranga Reddy districts on Saturday. How she will approach public in coming days and with what agenda, is going to be of interest to the political observers and the people at large. This will be cleared in few days as she is trying to get ground reports on failures on the part of Telangana government, say her followers.

Parties now worried

All political parties in Telangana took it  easy when Sharmila came out that Rajanna Rajyam is  needed in Telangana State. But the flow of cadre for the past few days into Lotus Pond certainly made the established political parties, particularly for TRS and Congress, to sit up and take notice. TRS leaders started allegations and criticism on Sharmila and late YSR. How can an person from Andhra Pradesh State float a party in Telangana? This is a plan to reunite state, water will be looted, are the allegations  from the ruling party. The other party which looked more worried is the Congress. The party which looked to be gaining momentum in state got a jolt in the form of Sharmila. The leaders at Gandhi Bhavan will be looking at Lotus Pond once she launches political party, says congress sources. Not only Reddy community, BCs, SCs and STs also favour the new party as YSR came up with different schemes when he was CM, said MRPS leader who came to Lotus Pond to support Sharmila.

Chevella Sentiment to continue

YSR and his family members strongly consider Chevella as their sentiment for political rebirth. The paadayatra by YSR from Chevella in 2003 made him walk to the chair of the chief minister. Now Sharmila is also has a plan to start paadayatra from the same place. For this she got the support of Chevella sitting MLA Kale Yadaiah’s son Kale Ravi. He came out openly indicating that he will join Sharmila’s party in future. Sharmila will be in a better position when she gets support from youth leader of Chevella.

YSR’s fans are in all castes

Sharmila said that YSR fans are in all castes and are not restricted to a particular community, Reddy. She said this when Reddy Community of Telangana extended their support to Sharmila. She requested them not to limit YSR’s fame to only one religion or community. ‘Father has fans in BCs. SC. ST,s and in other upper castes. Let us gain support from all and bring Rajanna Rajyam,’ she exhorted.

Mahabobnagar will deliver first jolt

When all eyes are on Nalgonda and  Khammam districts, other district which will jolt major parties is Mahaboobnagar as per sources. Until now, all are of a view that Sharmila may get maximum support from Khammama and Nalgonda as they are bordering districts of Andhra Pradesh and Reddy community leaders may come forward. But to everyone’s surprise, she is getting  more support from Mahaboobnagar district on the ground level. Cadres at the district have already started campaign inviting cadre into Sharmila’s party in future. So, surely and certainly Sharmila will be a force to reckon with in the coming days in the political arena of Telangana, as per observers.


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