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A valuable gift to the milk boy from the TEACHER

Tributes to a great teacher, Baru Ramkishan Rao, on his 100th year

He was a Government teacher, who used to get milk from a delivery boy. The teacher purchased a tee shirt for that milkboy, not for himself, who could not get educated because of poverty. And gifted it to that boy. That teacher’s wife and sons could not understand why he had to come from Bombay where his son worked.

They came to know that the Teacher used to meet him every evening in the small house of Milk Boy, who was very happy with the gift to celebrate his success in 10th class. Not only that, the boy touched the teacher’s feet. Young sons of the teacher were surprised to know that Milk Boy was being taught by the Teacher! He every used to teach him on his own in his own small house. Can anyone find such a great, highly committed Teacher?

Sri Gurubhyonnamah

That great teacher was none other than BaruRamkishan Rao, the Head Master.If every student like this is educated, will anybody remain uneducated?  

I do not like to address my teacher as ‘late’ as I believe that he is with us whenever I remember his teaching. He was born 100 years ago. It is the 100th birthday of Baru Ramkishan Rao, my  Head Master at Masoom Ali Government High School in Girmajipeta,Warangal. I have studied from 4th to 10th Class, which I completed in 1970.(Now you know I am very old!).

Ramkishan Rao Sir hailed from Khammam, but most of his duty as a teacher was in Warangal. Some teachers do not join  a  high school where they admit their children. But our teacher’s son Baru Vijay studied in the same school where his father was a teacher. He was my classmate. Later he became a Professor in Chemistry and managed a Degree College with the help of his wife.

Students climb great heights

This student, like many thousands (this proud student, the Central Information Commissioner, Union of India, equal in  status to Election Commissioner and Justice of Supreme Court) could become noteworthy because he was taught by this great TEACHER. (When was typing this line, I remembered that he should have slapped me for my wrong, it could be a spelling mistake or my brain stroke). I could recover the memory from childhood  experiences with today’s celebration of the 100th birthday of BaruRamkishan Rao Sir, and heard from my elder brother Prof. M.Rajagopalacharya (retired from Kakatiya University), who was also his student. We were taught in the huts-like class rooms at the school.

My classmate Prof Baru Vijay and his Brother Sreenu (Baru Srinivasa Rao holding important position in the US) shared wonderful experiences which I and others know.  

Baru Ramkishan Rao Sir used to encourage every student in even a small internal high school level competition like  self-governing day, elocution, and essay competitions. While in the 7th or 8ththe class, I addressed classmates, where Ramkishan Rao Sir was sitting as judge, once

I addressed “my dear teachers and my respectful students”. Everybody laughed. I did not know why. The headmaster admonished all saying ‘he is daring enough to stand before students, can you all do like him?’. Because perhaps I could speak some sentences when I was before our teachers.

I remember that 29 years ago, on the demise of my father, Freedom of fighter and editor of Janadharma Weekly and Warangal Vani daily newspapers, the teacher arrived at our home in Warangal and consoled us by saying ‘See (showing white beard) how long your father should help and suffer hardships?’  

When great teachers such as Baru KishanRao are around, there was no child labour. These two affectionate sons of the proud father (our Guru) celebrated his 100th year, while one of them travelled from the US, many relatives, students, and friends took part in the meeting today. 

Let us all pay our tributes to all the departed teachers.

Madabhushi Sridhar (With support from my better half M Veda Kalyani)

26 November 2023

Prof. M. Sridhar Acharyulu
Prof. M. Sridhar Acharyulu
Author is Dean, Professor of law at Mahindra University at Hyderabad and former Central Information Commissioner. He published a number books in English and Telugu.


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