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Ancient Inscriptions discovered in Cholemarri: Historian MyNaa Swamy

Photo writeup: MyNaa Swam showingMahendra Nolambadhiraja inscriptions in Cholemarri

Puttaparthi, November26:  Ancient inscriptions, Hero stones, Shivalinga-Nandi idols have been discovered in Cholemarri village, 22 km from Penukonda in Sri Sathya Sai district, according to MyNaa Swamy, historian. MyNaa Swamy is doing research about the history of Nolamba Pallavas and issued a press statement on Sunday about his latest findings.

Cholemarri villagers with MyNaa Swamy at Nolambadhiraja inscription

In the ninth century AD, a fierce battle occurred in Chole Marri between the rulers of the Nolamba Pallavas and the Bhana-Vaidambas. The historian revealed that an inscription of Mahendra Nolambadhi Raja , the ruler of Henjeru (now known as Hemavati, near Madakasira), was  unearthed in the fields on the eastern side of Cholemarri, with the help of villagers. Additionally, there is a large Hero stones embedded in the ground on the bank of a canal, behind Anjaneyaswamy temple. Nearby, in the fields close to the temple, there is a Telugu inscription dating back to the Vijayanagara dynasty. On the west side of the village, there were hero stones of Nolamba and  Vijayanagara periods.                                                                            

 Mahendra Inscription:  MyNaa Swamy stated that the inscription located east of Cholemarri village has been identified as an inscription belonging to the Nolamba Pallava King- Mahendra Nolambadhi Raja (875-897). The ancient Kannada script used is highly coherent.               

“Svasti Samadhigata Panni Maha Shabda Pallavanvaya Sri Prithvi Vallabha Pallava Kulatilaka Norambadi Raja”

Siva Lingam and Nandi statue in Cholemarri

The inscription continues, with information present on both sides. However, it should be noted that half of the inscription stone is currently buried in the ground. In addition, The historian has appealed to the Archeology Departments (both the Central and State) to conduct excavations in the vicinity of Cholemarri village. The ninth-century battlefield would potentially reveal numerous historical monuments that lie beneath the soil. Furthermore, he expressed his hope that Chole Marri would be considered a pilgrimage site for future generations of historical researchers.

MyNaa Swamy
MyNaa Swamy
Myna Swamy's full name is Mylaram Narayana Swamy. A senior journalist who was a correspondent for Andhra Prabha, Indian Express, Andhra Jyothy, Ujwala and Subrabhatam. He is also a short story writer and novelist. Lepakshi is his latest book which received acclaim. It is being translated into English, French, Hindi, and other languages. His Forte is history. Mobile No: 9502659119


  1. My Name Swamy Garu senior journalist and Historian is doing a good job by giving us in depth historical facts about our ancient sites.


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