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What is the cause of pro-active role of T-activists in elections?

  • Former extreme-left party leaders working in support of Congress
  • Are the  neutral voters  positive  towards towards Congress?
  • Journalists, doctors, retired teachers and professors playing pro-active role in this elections
  • CPI(ML) Prajapandha extends support to Congress in some segments

A journalist in Khammam, who has no political interests so far, is working in favour of Congress candidate and moulding the opinion of people in his village. Dr. K Pradeep, a children specialist along with the other doctors extended solidarity to the Congress candidate Tummala Nageswara Rao. The above professionals had never involved themselves in politics or elections directly. Advocates, professors, retired engineers, teachers and accountants took part in the elections playing their role against BRS. Professors Padmaja Shaw and Vinayak Reddy and former IAS A Murali are directly appealing to the people not to vote BRS and BJP in various meetings. All the above intellectuals are opposing BRS for different reasons.

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The former activists, who worked with different extremist left-wing groups earlier and settled in various professions later, became active extending support to the Congress. They are conducting meetings with the people asking them to vote against ‘fascist parties’ like BJP and BRS.

The former leaders of different CPI (ML) groups had a doubt whether  to support  Seethakka of Congress or Bade Jyothi of BRS, both former activists of left-wing extremism. They conducted a meeting in Mulugu and discussed about it. The meeting decided to extend support to Congress as the BRS is sailing with BJP with fascist forces emerging more and more. Gurava Reddy, who worked as PDSU AP general secretary, said, “Not only former ML leaders but also activists of Telangana who worked seriously in Telangana movement are working against BRS candidates in various segments. So far, they have given a space and time to KCR as TRS leader and his time is over. These forces are working against him”.

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CPI (ML) Prajapandha leader P Ranga Rao said, “Our party will extend support to Congress in the segments where our party leaders or other ML party candidates are not contesting. This decision was taken to keep away fascist forces in the country”.

When Prime Post asked about pro-active role by retired teachers, Bhaskar Rao, retired head-master, said, “Enough time was given to KCR to rule. He made several mistakes and acquired massive wealth and it is time to vote him out. His ego is touching the sky”.

B Srinivas (name changed) working in Khammam Municipal Corporation is silently working in favour of Congress. There are hundreds of such silent voters playing pro-active role at their level. When a reporter asked a question as to how is life in Hyderabad, a person named P Sudheer, an employee of Great Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, while buying liquor, commented on KCR in a negative manner. (eom)

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