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No trouble-shooters for  BRS in 60 constituencies

  • BRS candidates not giving any respect to the party in-charges
  • Sitting MLAs behaving like ‘nene-raju-nene-manthri’
  • Hegemonic tendency of the candidates a big problem
  • No respect to the advices of senior leaders and in-charges
  • Second rung BRS leaders facing problem
  • A candidate tries to buy farm land with funds sent by the party
  • Indifferent behaviour of the candidates hit the confidence of party workers

There is a saying ‘power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.’ The saying is apt for the BRS candidates and sitting MLAs facing the election. They would not give any respect to the advices of seniors or constituency in-charges. There is no end to their excesses. Sincere party activists and senior leaders in the constituencies are feeling disheartened with the attitude of these BRS candidates. Sometimes, filthy words are used against the workers.

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When asked about the arrogance of the ruling party candidates, BRS most senior leader, on condition of anonymity said, “The transfers of police officers, municipal commissioners, mandal revenue officers and other key officials are being done as per the slips sent by the MLAs. It means that the legislator became a SAMNTHA RAJU (ruler of the area). Power corrupts from here”. Illegal sand and soil mining and unabated belt-shops witnessed in this area. The diktat of these MLAs is being honoured and not a small work or thing will be done without the notice of the MLAs.

They will get information of any kind within minutes. Middlemen emerged in the guise of MLA’s well-wishers and they will pass misinformation to the MLA to get favours from him. With this, ‘Hegemonic-egoistic tendency developed among most of the ruling party legislators. Accumulation of massive wealth gives more security to them.

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 Such tendency became a problem in 60 constituencies in Telangana. Surprisingly, an  MLA candidate tried to purchase big bit of land in Kothagudem district with the money sent by the  party. Senior leaders who knew the deal, stopped his effort. Second-rung leaders of BRS shifted their loyalties before elections in 70 constituencies. Overaction of the MLAs is one of the reasons for it. Thirty percent of the BRS candidates decided not spend more than fifty percent of the money sent by the party.

The poll prospects of the candidates may be hit with such actions. The BRS leaders who gave kickbacks to the MLAs to sanction works are shifting their loyalties.

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At one estimate, nearly 500 hillocks have disappeared in Telangana. Union Minister Nithin Gadkari alerted ruling party MP about the MLAs creating trouble to the contractors of the national highways road pertaining to the supplies of gravel. Road works became costly as these ruling party MLAs have been quoting high price for the gravel. 

 The arrogant behaviour of ruling party MLAs turned out to be a curse in the election. When Prime Post called various walks of people in Khammam, Wyra and Madhira constituencies and Ibrahimpatnam and Uppal, such things were revealed by the MLAs. Krishna Reddy, vice-chairman of Peddamberpet municipality, said that he joined Congress because   of the behaviour of MLA M Kishan Reddy.

Interestingly, all these candidates had in their initial days in politics faced variety of problems including poverty. They became MLAs facing all kinds of odds. BRS senior leaders who are fearing that these factors may adversely affect the party’s poll prospects  are a worried lot. They don’t know whom to complain.

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