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Will KCR overcome the ‘two-term’ incumbency factor?

  • The word ‘two-term’ rule of KCR being referred more among the people
  • Majority not finding fault with KCR schemes but wish to end his rule
  • Hegemony attitude of BRS leaders being found fault with
  • The issue of civil rights violation and failure of media are among discussion points among people
  • The Congress emerging as an alternative to BRS

The word ‘Two-term’ rule of KCR turned out to be a buzzword in Telangana State before elections. When ‘Prime Post’ called different section of people to inquire about KCR rule, they expressed their opinions on his rule.

At the same time, many of the people are not giving enough respect to Congress and its leaders. They had their doubts on implementing their poll promises, but they chose the party as alternative to BRS.

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K. Venkat Reddy, a retired employee of irrigation department in Khammam,  said, “The meaning of civil rights have been changed in the KCR rule. Checking the visit of political leaders to Lakshmi Barrage where three pillars sank is nothing but violation of civil rights. Kalesaram Lift Irrigation Project (KMLS) is a defective one. The fourth estate failed to expose such matters. I had also an experience in the police station. All these undemocratic acts are happening because of KCR rule. Two-term rule is enough to the state of Telangana”. Interestingly, when Prime Post asked him about casting of vote in 2018 elections, Reddy said that he cast his vote in favour of TRS then since he took the decision that KCR should be given a second chance.

M Naveen Naik, running a computer center in Kalvakurthy, said, “The MLAs and police have been showing hegemony and the people are vexed with their attitude. The corruption of police is high and they are demanding money for receiving complaints. BRS will face set-back in the elections due to the attitude of the police”.

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When asked about KCR’s rule, P Srinivasa Rao, a teacher in Janagaon, said, “I do not want to go into the details of his policies. Whether he did good or bad, the two-term rule of KCR is enough. There are some good policies during his tenure apart from bad memories. The hegemony in the veil of ego being displayed by KCR and his family members could not be digested. We cannot check the misdeeds of BRS if the people voted the party into the power”.

Interestingly, the cab drivers explained more than other professionals over the corruption of BRS government rule. Many of them used to list out the lands encroached or acquired by BRS ministers and MLAs and where the lands located by using Dharani portal.

N Mallesh, a cab driver, said, “Acquiring thousands of acres by TRS leaders is the best example of corruption in BRS government’s rule. Many of the government lands were encroached upon.”.

N Sujatha, working for self-help groups in Boodan-Pochampalli in Bhongir assembly constituency said, “I used to hear comments of SHG members in favour of KCR till about three months ago. But, they changed their statements and are now taking about  the Congress. I was surprised. How they moved in favour of Congress is a wonder. The pending of interest arrears may be the reason.”

M Ramani, Aasara pensioner, said, “I do not know about ‘two-term’ rule of KCR. But, I can say that BRS did some good things to the poor and I do not know about legislators’ corruption”. (eom)

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  1. As readers we expect the observations of author but missing. The sample is too small to assess the situation but the poll surveys are providing mixed opinion. Anyhow the article is at the right time.

  2. I Personally think that KALWAKURTHY Conctency Prassent situation is 💯 Congress Over all Telangana Assembly Seats is 65-70 💯 Congress


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