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Vendors are the worst hit with the norm of ECI of Rs 50,000 cash in hand

  • Carpenters, building workers, painters, electricians, barbers, fitters, bangle sellers and street vendors losing their sustenance with the norm
  • They do not know what documents they should carry
  • The hawkers used to go to the market to buy material with cash that came from selling their goods
  • Depositing money in the banks is a big task for them
  • The retailers plan to buy the goods in the wholesale market
  • The vendors wandering two to three days to get their money back
  • Why the police not catch the money of political parties which is reaching the candidates
  • Candidates of major political parties allegedly received Rs 10 crore cash already
  • How these candidates got the money skipping the police scanner is a million dollar question

The Election Commission of India norm of carrying above Rs 50,000 cash by person during elections turned out to be a curse to the thousands of vendors. The sustenance of these vendors was hit with the norm and they are unable to do their small business for a week after police seized their cash carrying to buy the goods to sell at their shops.

The above is police report on seizing of Rs 59,000 from a small kirana vendor in Peddamblerpet. The vendor did not get bach his cash even after nine days.

The above is police report on seizing of Rs 59,000 from a small kirana vendor in Peddamberpet. The vendor did not get bach his cash even after nine days.

The people are familiar with the police, numbering half a dozen, used to seize the cash only on main roads. Interestingly, the cops riding bikes on remote roads started seizing cash from the people. Two cops from Hayatnagar, wearing civil dress and riding a two-wheeler, rushed to  Madamsetti Srinivas, running a small kirana shop at Peddamberpet in Ibrahimpatnam constituency, while he was collecting money from a hotel at Munnanuru road, a remote area in Ranga Reddy district. Two police recovered cash worth of Rs 59,000 from Srinivas by using a little bit of force. The incident took place on 17 October 2023 and Srinivas did not get his money till October 25, 2023. When Prime Post contacted Srinivas, he said, “It is a nightmare for me on that day and the police took me to police station and asked me to sign the documents. My business was hit with it and I used to wander around Ranga Reddy district collectorate located at Kongarkalan near ORR. I did not get the money so far. He does not know when he will get back his seized money. The Election Commission of India (ECI) should find a simple way to get back my money from the police within 48 hours”. The seizure of cash is being deliberately shown under suspicious circumstances under the section of 102 CRPC.

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This is not the issue of Srinivas alone. N Upender, P Rama Rao, T Veeraiah, J Sankar and many others whose day to day work was hit with the seizure of cash below Rs. 1 lakh. Hordes of such persons are visible in queues at district collectorates of Ranga Reddy, Medchal-Malkajgiri, Janagoan, Nalgonda, Khammam, Kothagudem, Medak and Hyderabad. P Rama Rao was stopped and cash was seized from him. He was carrying the money to give his daughter at Uppal for medical needs. N Sankar, a person, who was in queue at Ranga Reddy office, said, “I was told by the activists of a political party that their party candidates have received Rs 10 crore each as first instalment of party fund to spend in the elections. How such massive amounts were placed by skipping the police scanner”.

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Frankly speaking, Sankar’s question is a million dollar one. Interestingly, there are guidelines from ECI to give back the money that was seized from the vendors, farmers, craftsmen and skilled workers within 48 hours. They are not being implemented during the assembly elections in Telangana.  The ECI should consider the woes of these category of workers, who are using cash as their mode for buying the goods in the market.

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N Janardhan, who is running a saloon in Hayatnagar had a doubt on the seizure of cash in remote areas by cops in civil dress. He asked, “Who will take the responsibility if the thieves in the guise of police seized cash from the people by claiming as cops. At least, the cops should wear khaki dress while conducting such raids”. (eom)

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