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Nara Lokesh unlikely to be arrested in IRR and fibre grid scam cases?

  • Will the Judicial remand of TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu be continued till the elections in various cases?
  • Will TDP fight the next assembly election like without Arjuna of Pandavas or Bhisma of Kauravas?
  • 17(A) became a point of discussion among countryside folks in Telugu states
  • ‘The fundamental principle of natural justice is that no man should be condemned unheard’, is the logic in continuing the hearing on 17(a)
  • The section recalls Draupadi’s question ‘Whom did you lose first, yourself or me?’
  • Legal experts expect 17(a) to go to revision bench of SC

The Seventeen-A or 17(A), a section in the Prevention of Corruption Amendment Act (2018) turned out to be a ‘folk word’ among the people of Telugu states. A leader of women labourers in Nandigama, in NTR district, who is looking after weed removal work in a eucalyptus plantation, reprimanded her co-women workers, why do you take so much time for the weed removal like 17(A). This is the impact of CB-CID case against TD chief and former chief minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu (NCBN) on the people.

Let us discuss the cases against Nara Lokesh first before going to the above issue. The YSRCP and majority of the people expect the arrest of Nara Lokesh will be imminent. The CB-CID may get all clearances in the coming days from the courts for it even in inner ring road or fibre grid scam. At one stage, Nara Lokesh was surprised on watching the IT returns of his mother Bhuvaneswari in the hands of CID officials.

According to reliable sources in the government – Nara Lokesh may not be arrested in these cases. In case of arrest too, the former CM’s son will be facilitated to get bail in the courts. As far as NBCN judicial remand is concerned, he may be continued in the present condition till the Andhra Pradesh’s assembly elections are over. The TD chief will be in judicial remand on account of more than four cases including  fiber grid, IRR, Angallu and Transco power lines scam. It is the perception of the core YSRCP leaders. Nara Lokesh will lead the Telugu Desam in the next assembly elections. An MLC of YSRCP, who asked not to quote his name, said, “It is the line of the ruling party for the present”. The Telugu Desam can go to the next election without Arjuna in case we assume TDP leaders as pandavas or without Bhishma of Kauravas in case of another perception.

Pertaining to 17(A) case, the issue became a puzzle like Draupadi’s question in Kurusabha “Whom did you lose first, yourself or me?” C Ramakrishna, an advocate, said, ”It is the fundamental principle of administration of law and juris prudence that no man should be condemned unheard and the balance of convenience. The Apex court had given good time for the hearing on the issue. It may give its opinion soon and the case may be sent to a revision bench”.

Many of the advocates are saying that the quash petition of NCBN may be dismissed in SC because the remand report of CB CID is so impeccable and perfect that provides enough evidences in the alleged role of the TDP leader in skill development scam.

Cases against NCBN registered different records like hearing of eight different cases in ACB court, High Court and Supreme Court and 58 advocates are being involved in these cases. It is a fact that the ACB court judge was surprised on seeing a number of advocates in the court hall. At one stage, Siddardha Luthra said that only three advocates will argue the case in the ACB court. Then, the judge asked the other advocates to leave the hall. The fees of these lawyers are ranging from Rs. 2.5 lakh to Rs. 1 crore per day. (eom)



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