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Land encroachments, an election issue in Khammam assembly segment?

  • Govt. lands encroaced in fifteen divisions
  • KMC officials connived with the ruling party corporators
  • PTIN numbers given to these encroached lands
  • High level team constituted on the issues found 150 such irregularities
  • Cases filed against 8 land owners for wrong assessments
  • No cases against erring corporation officials

Unabated government land encroachments became an election issue in Khammam assembly constituency. Such encroachments witnessed more in fifteen divisions in Khammam Municipal Corporation. The encroachments were done by the ruling party corporators with the help of administration.

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The high-power committee constituted by the Khammam Municipal Commissioner conducted field survey on these encroachments and issuing of PTIN (property Tax  Identification Number) to the government lands. The committee found 150 such cases against 1800 PTIN. It is found that a person who hand own land encroached government land adjacent to his site. The officials used to issue PTIN number to the private land along with the government encroached land. The officials, in the field survey, were surprised after finding vacant land where there were shed photos in KMC official website. It means that the revenue inspectors have not visited the site and issued PTIN to the property. Interestingly, criminal cases were filed against eight land owners in Khammam Two Town police station on encroaching government lands. The government land encroachment issue is high in 1, 4, 6, 20, 21, 23, 24, 33, 34, 40, 43, 45, 46, 47 53, 59 and 60 divisions.

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P Ravi Kumar, in first division fighting against the encroachments said, “The government had not taken any action against the erring officials. All the encroachments were done by the ruling party corporators. The encroachment is an election issue in Khammam assembly segment. These corporators, who eyed on the lands of poor people, encroached upon their lands by creating false documents”. He said that many of the outsourcing workers in Khammam Municipal Corporation were appointed on the recommendations of the ruling party corporators and these workers are following the orders of these corporators.

The leaders of Congress made the encroachment issues an election issue. Congress candidate Tummala Nageswara Rao said, “We are giving assurance to the people that people can live without fear on their properties securely and we will not allow such atrocities”.

Kasimalla Laxmaiah filed a case in the court on the encroachment of his land located in Ramanagutta colony by a ruling party leader(eom)

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