Javed dares the municipal officials on BRS flex

One can understand the agony of Khammam Town Congress Working president Javed Mahammad on imposing Rs 1 lakh fine by commissioner of Khammam Municipal Corporation for wall-writing at 50 places in the town. The Commissioner in his notice informed, ‘Penalty is imposed for unauthorised erecting flex and banners without any permission from the municipal corporation’. Javed Mahammad posed a question to the municipal officials, “Have you applied same principle to BRS?” He said that BRS erected thousands of banners on Yellandu Road, Kodad Road, Wyra Road, Hyderabad Road, Vijayawada Road and internal roads of Khammam. If the officials had  guts to imposing penalty on BRS leaders?. “Khammam Municipal Corporation will get Rs 3 to Rs 4 crore if they collected penalty from the BRS”, he said.


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