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Jubilee Hills gang rape case: Many twists and doubts

  • How the Pub gave access to minors
  • How can a BJP MLA release pics and videos which is against Section 23(2)
  • How did police miss key proofs which were in hands of BJP MLA?
  • How can police say “Boys are from Influential families?”
  • Why did not they file FIR until issue reached National Media and the opposition?

Hyderabad: Yes, a shocking incident took place in Hyderabad on May 28th evening around 5.30 pm which raised questions of girls safety in the city. A teenager was gang raped by five persons out of whom 3 are minors, in an upscale part of city which came into limelight after five days of the horrific incident took place. Accused are students of class 11 and 12 who attended a party in a pub along with the victim. After the party, the group went to a pastry and they parked car at Jubilee hills and gang raped the teenage. Later they dropped her near the pub and fled.

Girl’s father noticed injuries on her neck and tried to find out the reason for that. Girl replied that few boys attacked her near the pub and after that she went into deep shock and was unable to disclose what had happened to her. Her father filed complaint in police station which was registered as POCSO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences) and outraging modesty. But when the girl was sent to Women officers, she opened up and revealed the terrifying incident that took place on Saturday, 28th night.

Cops under Pressure, case takes political colour

As soon as the news broke out five days after in National media, it was first the BJP to react. News that MIM leader’s sons and ruling party aides were involved might be a key factor for opposition party to get into action. But this was later condemned by TBJP President Sanjay, who clarified that they don’t know the girl’s caste before their cadre attacked Jubilee Hills Police Station. He strictly warned police to take stringent action against culprits whoever they are. In another interesting twist in the case, BJP MLA Raghunandan Rao released pictures and videos of the incident which show that an MIM MLA’s son was involved. The BJP MLA also demanded that if police tried to save them or derail the case due to political influence, he will release more evidence against these culprits.

Twist on vehicle used for incident

Cops and BJP MLA first released pictures of Mercedes Benz in red colour and CCTV footage shows that MLA’s son got off the car before the assault and ran away. Police clarified that crime took place in Innova as per victim’s statement. On Sunday, the police recovered Innova car at a farm house near Moinabad which was reportedly used by the culprits. According to police statement, they changed the car from Mercedes to Innova after they had snacks at a bakery before the incident. MLA sticker, security pass number were removed on Innova and vehicle registration number TS 09FH 3786 was also cut off showing the space as TR. The vehicle was registered under Dinaz’s name. All the culprits after parking Innova at farm house had party and fled to different places from the house. The delay in arresting the culprits also led to severe criticism by Netizens. On Saturday morning, one accused was arrested in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, making allegations against police that they gave time to flee from Hyderabad sound true.

MLA’s Son in Mercedes but not in Innova: Cops

Speculations that an MIM MLA’s son was involved in the incident trolled on social media, but on Sunday police clarified that MLA’s son left the place in Mercedes before the crime took place in Innova. Police also said that he did not rape the girl, but however once the condition of victim becomes better, will record her statement and take action on MLAs son if his role in crime was established. MIM Corporator’s son was also in the list of arrested minors and now a son of a key politician’s who is close to CM K. Chandrasekhar Rao was understood to have been allowed to flee to Dubai after the incident took place.

No action on Pub, Why?

On one side police are trying to find out the whereabouts of the culprits, on the other, we are missing key issues in the incident. How can the pub give access to minors? Insomnia and Amnesia with two different names in same building in Jubilee Hills, Road No 36, allowed a get together party in the name of “Euphoria” which was attended by 200 members on May 28th. All are said to be minors except few who can be counted on fingers. The Club heads say that party held at Insomnia on 28th afternoon, which is common with class 11 and 12 who come out after exams as farewell and for minors they have separate space where other customers are not allowed. No alcohol will be served in that space, says Pub heads.

What does Section 36 (1) (g) says

According to the Section 36(1)(g) of Telangana State Excise Act, sales of intoxicants to minor, giving or allowing into premises where these intoxicants are manufactured or supplied is a crime and offense. In a pub where alcohol is served, minors aged below 21 years are also not allowed, but can under special guidelines like if they are with their parents or guardians.

Telangana Government made it compulsory that ID should be checked for every one before allowing into the pub, especially, Aadhar card.


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