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Jubilee Hills Gang Rape Case: BJP MLA Raghunandan Rao in trouble

  • Section 228A of IPC was registered on Raghunandan at Abids PS
  • Case for revealing identity of the gang rape victim, says police
  • Raghunandan denied that he revealed the name or identity of victim
  • Ready to face any charge or action if proven, says MLA
  • Police waiting for legal opinion for further action against MLA

Hyderabad: Jubilee Hills Gang Rape case which is creating tremors across the State now turned towards BJP MLA Raghunandan Rao who demanded the immediate arrest of the accused and expressed doubt that police are derailing the case. Few days back, at a press conference, the MLA released pictures and small 10 second video clip which showed MIM MLA’s son intimate act with the victim in Benz car.  The video released by Raghunandan has gone viral on social media. On Monday night, a case was filed against Raghunandan under section 228A of IPC at Abids PS for leaking video.

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What does Section 228A SAY?

As per section, punishments for identifying any person with prints or publishes name against whom an offence under Section 376, Section 376A, Section 376B,Section 376C or Section 376 D, is alleged or found to have been committed. The punishment under Section 228A, if found guilty, is imprisonment of up to 2 years and a possible fine.

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Raghunandan Rao defends his action

Raghunandan Rao, who is a practising lawyer, defended his action after coming to know about the case filed. He said victim’s face was nowhere to be seen in the video he shared and also said that he knows the limitations in sharing information in cases relating to minors involved in the crime, or that of minor victims of sexual assaults.

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“I want to make public the evidence about the involvement of MIM MLA’s son in the incident. I will submit all the evidences to court at appropriate time, I am ready to face any case” Raghunandan added.

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Will police file cases against Media too?

There are different versions by lawyers in the case filed against Raghunandan Rao. If case was filed against the MLA, then similar charges and sections should be filed against  media too along with persons who telecasted video footage of minor which showed minor walking outside the pub with accused?

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Even the legal experts suggested police not to take any hasty decision against Raghunandan Rao when they approached for legal opinion for filing case.

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