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Anandayya becomes Bodhidharma

  • Being praised on social media
  • Compared with Bodhidharma with photographs
  • Full Demand for medicine as it is considered not harmful

Nellore: When Country is frightened and gripped in fever of Corona second wave, all eyes are on Nellore now. The news that Ayush has declared that  Anandayya herbal does not contain any harmful ingredients has prompted  thousands of people to flock at Krishnapatnam for the drug. Still it is not clear whether the drug cures Covid, but demand for it has increased across the country and even people across globe are showing interest to know about this. Now the netizens are comparing him with Bodhidharma with praising texts on social media.’ When the drug is not harmful, we want to take it, no matter how much it costs’, is the gut feeling of the people. Bodhidharma is a semi-legendary Budhist monk who lived in 5th or 6th century. He is considered as the first person who had taken Chan Buddhism to China. He is credited with the capability of doing mystic feats.

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Demand for Anandayya’s herbal medicine has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. The ambiguity does not go away though. Research on the medicine is currently underway at the Ayurveda Colleges in Vijayawada and Tirupathi, under the direction of CCRAS. Doctors are collecting details by phone from those who have taken medicine from Anandayya in Krishnapatnam.

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Two hundred people were contacted up to now and details were collected. Doctors said they were facing technical difficulties while collecting information over the phone as the numbers given by patients were wrong. Doctors found that most people took the drug as a preventive care.

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Ayurvedic doctors are trying to gather information who used the medicine after they were tested positive. Ayurvedic experts’ panel have asked the Nellore district administration to collect and send more phone numbers.

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Police are not allowing anyone into Krishnapatnam as the demand has increased following reports that the drug is not harmful. Krishnapatnam villagers are playing bargaining games over the phone, some are said to be secretly making and blocking Anandayya medicine in their homes. It shocked everyone after knowing that black market ‘danda’ has taken the price of the medicine to twenty thousand for one dose. Black marketers are en cashing the fear and beliefs of people. While the Ayush team has not yet confirmed that the medicine can cure Covid and it says  more clinical trials have to be done to assertain, people who have witnessed recent corporate scandals are rushing towards Nellore for the herbal medicine which is not there.

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