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Anandayya medicine: Offered to Lord Shiva in Anantapur

Nellore: Anandayya medicine, which is prepared in difficult times, is distributed in various parts of Anantapur. As part of the distribution of drugs in the 44th Division of the city, the first dose was offered to Lord Shiva temple.

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The program was conducted by Sri Govindananda Saraswati Swamy. It was revealed that the drug was being given as a precaution to prevent corona. It can be used by anyone over 5 years of age. The temple administration says that it was made and sent by Anandayya himself.

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Managers are planning to distribute Anandayya’s medicine faster as the government and the court had approved it. Anandayya’s medicine is being distributed at home by volunteers. It will take some more time for the drug to become available online.

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The  medicine is being distributed in Chandragiri constituency of Chittoor district also. Arrangements are being made to distribute the drug to one lakh fifty thousand families in the constituency. Anandayya’s son Sridhar and other disciples were making the medicine. MLA Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy has already said that the medicine will be distributed door to door in Chandragiri constituency.

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