Thursday, June 13, 2024

20 month old baby saves five lives, becomes youngest donor

  • Fallen from balcony and brain dead
  • Noble deed by toddler’s parents saves five lives
  • Kidneys, heart, liver donated, cornea is in store

New Delhi: Dhanishtha, 20 month bay, has fallen from balcony of first floor and was admitted at Sri Ganga Ram Hospital on Jan 8. Three days later, on Jan 11, she was declared brain dead. Dhanishtha’s all other organs were in excellent condition and functioning and her parents came forward for the noble need. Her kidneys were given to adult, heart and liver to two children and cornea was stored.

This 20 – month infant became the youngest cadaver donor in the country by saving five lives. Ashish kumar, baby’s father, said that the doctor told him that Dhanistha condition is irreversible as her brain was dead. While treatment was going on, parents who were extremely worried about organs needed for cure of their children, met him. Then we asked doctors whether their baby’s organs can be donated to save lives of the children and  doctors said yes, and then we took the decision for donating the baby’s organs. Rather than burying or cremating her body, at least we will have this consolation that she is still living in them, Ashish said. This act was praised by Dr. Rana, Chairman of Sri Ganga Ram Hospital.


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