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70% Indians already infected with Corona: Thyrocare Study

  • Now immune to COVID 19
  • It’s not that much dangerous
  • Data collected from Blood samples across State in hospitals, labs

Hyderabad: Surprising and shocking facts were revealed by Thyrocare on COVID 19 in India. According to the diagnostic giant, nearly 75% of Indians got infected to Corona and all are asymptomatic at that time. They might have faced symptoms like body pains, light fever or stomach disorder like indigestions, or tasteless for a day or two, but had crossed the corona danger zone without any harm caused to them, the study reveals.

Further, the study revealed that corona did not leave even children irrespective of age. Children may have faced little cold or cough or congestion but all were out of danger which is a good news, says the study. The data was collected from blood banks, private labs, hospitals to find the facts through why is called serological study, with Thyrocare doing the survey every month from July 2020. In July, it stated that 15% of Indians were affected, in Aug 2020, their study had concluded that 26% of the population was infected.

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Now, the recent study revealed that nearly 75% of the people got affected with COVID 19 and now there are no danger bells for India. New strains of UK or Brazil will not cause much harm as per studies. Surprising facts for Indians are how they are susceptible to these virus when neighbouring developed countries like US, UK, Germany are unable to control the pandemic with mortality rate increasing day by day. A Detailed survey by Wall Street Journal to know how it happened in India revealed that Mask did the magic.

The reason for virus infected number to be brought down irrespective of crowded places and effective tracing of contact and of lock down, it is universal acceptance of the masks which did the magic.Don’t forget that where there is crowd there is COVID, studies reveal. The virus interest is to infect more people but not to kill them because a virus depends on the host for food and shelter according to the Paul Tambyah, senior consultant at the National University of Singapore. Indian Government is starting vaccine roll out from Jan 16th.

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Government gave its nod for emergency usage of Covaxin and Covishield developed by Bharat Bio- tech of Hyderabad and SII of Pune. The identification by the Indian government of the categories for the first phase of vaccine includes health care professionals, citizens above 50 years of age, patients who require special care and front line workers. This total population will be around 30 crores as per initial estimates. Indian government wants to use Universal Immunisation programme (UIP) parallel to this vaccination one.

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