Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Bharat Biotech, Serum Institute are together

  • Bharat Biotech and SII issue joint statement with a pledge on Tuesday
  • Promise to ensure smooth rollout of COVID 19 vaccines in India and world
  • Clarified on confusion in public on Emergency Use  Authorisation

Pune: Joint pledge released by two companies Bharat Biotech and SII of Pune reads as follows:

“Mr.Adar Poonawala and Ella Krishna, jointly on behalf of the two companies, today communicate their combined intent to develop, manufacture and supply the COVID-19 vaccines for India and globally. They said, the more important task in front of them is saving the lives and livelihoods of population in India and the world. Vaccines are global public health good and they have the power to save lives and accelerate the return to economic normalcy at the earliest.

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“Now that two COVID-19 vaccines have been issued EUA (Emergency Use Authorisation) in India, the focus is on manufacturing, supply and distribution, so that populations that need it the most receive high quality, safe and efficacious vaccines. Both our companies are fully engaged in this activity and consider it our duty to the nation and the world at large to ensure smooth rollout of vaccines. Each of our companies continues their COVID-19 vaccines development activities as planned.

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“We are fully aware of the importance of vaccines for people and countries alike, we hereby communicate our joint pledge to provide global access for our COVID 19 vaccines”.

There was a conflict between these two companies’ heads when Adar without taking any name, claimed that only Pfizer, Moderna and Covishield produced by Oxford university and  Astrazeneca are proven with efficacy and rest were like ‘water’. But this joint pledge by two CMD’s has put an end to controversy and now India is ready to start with the longest and largest chain of vaccination in the world. Hope for the best.

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