Sunday, June 23, 2024

Waves of corona

Carona invisible 

Common man pain visible!

Vaccine they preach 

Still it is out of reach 

Corporate became leech 

Everybody undergoing trauma 

Government witnessing drug  drama!

New vaccines are coming 

New drugs are coming 

New greed growing 

No plasma,  only pharma 

Gap between vaccines increasing 

Hope for life diminishing 

We export vaccines freely for good image

Living without fear became mirage!

In amid desperate situation 

Falling prey to Anandayya common phenomenon!

Let us hope government will act with clarity 

Mixing right strategy 

So that science ultimately reins !

Veereswara Rao Mula
Veereswara Rao Mula
The poet is a bilingual writer who published poems in English and Telugu since 1985. He published his works in English titled 'Vibrations of my heart,' as Amazon Kindle book. He works for a construction company as IT professional.


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