Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Khadeer beaten in police station, dies at Gandhi hospital

Mohmmad Khadeer, from Medak, who was severely tortured by Medak police died this morning at Gandhi Hospital. When he was badly tortured by police and sent home two weeks ago, our HRF Unit, Medak,  gave a petition to the SP. But the SP did n’t take it. The SP (She) said, it seems, that she would not recognise any Human Rights Organisation, except SHRC &NHRC. We demand an enquiry into the custodial death of Khadeer.

Jeevan Kumar of  HRF states that the Forum’s , Medak unit Secretary Ahmed belongs to the Muslim Community. The SP made very nasty remarks about our (HRF) organisation and Muslims working with it. We bring it to the notice of the Home Minster and ask him to order an enquiry in this aspect also.

Siddeswari is the name of the deceased. She has submitted a petition to the collector, Medak. Her mobile number is 95534 99726. Those who want to help may call and meet her.


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