What forced an ‘apolitical paediatrician’ to express solidarity to Congress candidate in Khammam?

  • Why he took out a rally with 300 people in Khammam while announcing his decision?
  • What type of suffocation the doctor felt in Khammam
  • The doctor running an NGO called ‘Yuvam’
  • Donating  blood for free to 350 kids suffering with Thalassemia

Majority of doctors, who are busy with their duties in odd hours in hospitals, used to spare less time to hear about or discuss the politics. There are reports that some of the doctors would not use their franchise in the elections because of their urgent duties. Majority doctors may not talk openly about their political party they like. There are valid reasons for it.

Dr Pradeep Kumar expressing solidarity with Tummala Nageswara Rao along with his volunteers.

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Kurapati Pradeep Kumar, MBBS, MD and LLB graduate, surprised the people  of Khammam by taking out a rally and expressing solidarity with Congress candidate Tummala Nageswara Rao. About 300 activists of Yuvam (NGO being run by Pradeep) took part in it. Interestingly, the paediatrician is helping 350 Thalassemia kids by supplying blood at free of cost. Such a responsible  doctor extended his support to Congress candidate.

Prime Post called the doctor over phone and asked him what forced him to do so. Pradeep listed out a few reasons for his decision. He said, “Firstly, I am an apolitical paediatrician and I did not join the Congress. I extended only my solidarity to Congress candidate Tummala Nageswara Rao”.

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On being asked as to what made him to take such decision, he said, “I am a sufferer at the hands of Minister for Transport Puvvada Ajay and my house site in Khammam was encroached upon by his men. I am fighting my case legally and there are many persons like me who are suffering because of rabid encroachments”

Dr. Pradeep said that the atmosphere in Khammam is polluted due to various activities. “Collecting Dasarah mamool by police is not seen in Khammam earlier and such activity is witnessed now. My hospital obtained permission from central government to run radiation bunker to the cancer patients. The municipal officials forced me to shut down by citing  petty reasons at the instance of the minister. Even Omega Hospital led by famous cancer specialist Mohan Vamsi stopped his cancer hospital in Khammam after constructing the pillars to it. This is the state of affairs in Khammam town. Many of other professionals too faced weird experiences” he said. (eom)

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