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BRS Kothagudem candidate Vanama’s nomination in trouble?

  • Are his nomination papers likely to be rejected on certain grounds?
  • Objections raised on the affidavit of BRS candidate in Kothagudem
  • A I F B candidate Jalagam raised several queries on it
  • Jalagam asks RO to reject Vanama’s nomination under 170 IPC
  • RO Sirisha is under pressure to take a decision
  • Jalagam listed out various discrepancies in Vanama’s affidavit
  • Violations of P R Act by Vanama pointed out by Jalagam
  • AIFB candidate eyes on flaws in affidavit of another MLA candidate in Khammam district

Legislator cum BRS candidate in Kothagudem Vanama Venkateswara Rao is again in trouble after All India Forward Bloc, (Election Symbol Lion) candidate Jalagam Venkat Rao pointd out several discrepancies in the ruling party candidate’s  affidavit. He filed a complaint on the to Kothagudem Returning Officer Sirisha on the flaws in Vanama’s affidavit submitted along with his nomination. He sought the RO to reject the nomination of BRS candidate under IPC 170 that quotes—Whoever pretends to hold any particular office as public servant, knowing that he does not hold such office or falsely impersonates any other person holding such office and in such assumed character does not attempt to take any action under clout of such  an office, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to two years, or with fine or both.

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The discrepancies that Jalagam found in Vanama’s affidavit are inclusive of non-mentioning of his spouse’s name, not declaring of assets that he possessed and not mentioning of pending taxes and challans to be paid to the state and central governments. Interestingly, Jalagam submitted all documentary proof to the returning officer seeking rejection of Vanama’s nomination. He said he asked the RO to give reasons in writing for not rejecting Vanama’s nomination papers based on his documentary proof.

The RO approached the district electoral officer, who in turn asked her to take a decision on it by studying the nomination papers and the complaints besides substantial documentary evidence submitted by Jalagam. The election team is under pressure with the points and queries raised by Jalagam. An official on condition of anonymity said, “If the RO were to take her own decision without pressure from outside, she might  reject Vanama’s  nomination. Jalagam fixed her by submitting relevant proofs”

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Jalagam Venkat Rao wrote a letter to Election Commissioner of India and Chief Electoral Officer on October 25, 2023 requesting to take legal action basing on the judgments passed by the Supreme Court of India. He referred to various cases inluding  the judgment passed on 13/02/2023 in a contempt case between Rambabu Singh Thakur Vs Sunil Arora & Others. The Supreme Court ordered the political parties to submit reports on their candidates’ criminal and other records to the ECI. If a political party fails to submit such compliance report to the ECI, the EC shall bring such non-compliance by the political party concerned to the notice of the Supreme Court. When Prime Post asked about his complaint, Jalagam said, “I have submitted the relevant documents to the RO and district electoral officer on my complaint. As per rule, BRS candidate’s nomination should be rejected. I provided all documents to the election officials”.

Interestingly, Jalagam said that he will raise objections on the affidavit of another candidate contesting in Khammam district. He said that he will not reveal his name at this point in time.   (eom)

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