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Why Rajab Ali and Manchikanti recalled by the people of Khammam?

  • The names of those leaders being referred in the speeches of leaders
  • Principles they followed give a spirit to the present generation

Mahammad Rajab Ali, who worked as MLA for six terms from Sujathanagar and Khammam for CPI, and Manchikanti Kishan Rao, who was elected as MLA from Khammam twice, are being remembered in Telangana assembly elections for not amassing wealth on their own, but they are being recalled for the values and principles they cherished and followed.

Gudipudi Rama Rao, sarpanch of Raghunathapalem, who shared his experiences with Rajab Ali, said, “Rajab Ali used to travel village to village by walk where there were no proper roads to the habitations. Walking miles and miles is the daily affair of the former MLA, who never maintained money in his pocket and used to have food offered by the people”

Former Khammam DCC president late Itham Satyam recalled with the Prime Post reporter once that former Prime Minister P V Narasimha Rao got down at Papatpalli instead of Khammam by mistake while coming from Hyderabad. Satyam said, “PV saab enquired the whereabouts of Rajab Ali at Papatpalli and met him there. They came to Khammam  while conversing by walk. I invited them in Khammam as Congress worker and the incident took place in fifties.”  

These leaders had always worked for the people and their welfare. Building Rajab Ali memorial to show the commitment of such leader to the present generation is one of the promises of Congress candidate Tummala Nageswara Rao.

The impeccable character of Manchikanti is also being referred to by the people in these elections. N Bhaskar Rao, retired headmaster, said, “One cannot dare to compare Manchikanti with the present leaders. At least, these leaders try to mouth their names and get some spirit from them”. (eom)


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