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Here is all about Indian Covid vaccines Misconceptions

  • Just 48 hrs to go for Vaccine roll out in IndiaUnion
  • Health Minister Harshvardhan clears vaccine misconceptions
  • He take  to Twitter to clear myths about vaccine

New Delhi:  With just two days left for roll out of COVID vaccine in India, Union Health Minister Harshvardhan answered questions on Twitter about the side effects of vaccine and effect on fertility of beneficiaries after taking vaccine. He cleared myths surrounding vaccine in public. Here are few of them:

Question:  Are there any known side effects of COVID 19 vaccines?

Answer: After being administered Covid 19 vaccines, some individuals may have side effects like mild fever, pain at injection point, and body ache. This is similar to the side effects that occur post some other vaccines. These are expected to vanish on their own after sometime.

Q: Can one catch COVID 19 from vaccine?

A: You can’t contract COVID 19 because you have been inoculated with a COVID 19 vaccine. Temporary side effects such as mild fever should not be confused as having contracted COVID 19.

Q: Can COVID19 vaccine cause infertility in men and women?

A: There is no scientific evidence to suggest that COVID vaccine could cause infertility in men and women. Kindly do not pay heed to such rumours or information from unverified sources.

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Indian Government will start COVAXIN and COVISHIELD Vaccine roll out from Jan 16 where 3  lakh people ( Health care workers) will get first vaccine shot. In the first vaccination drive in India, the country  aims at 30 crore to get vaccine administered.


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