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Rajinikanth turns 70, can ‘Cycle’ turn his fortunes?

  • First birthday after announcing political party
  • RMM at Delhi to register symbol ‘Cycle with can’
  • Can this symbol change Rajini’s fortunes?

Chennai: Chennai city is witnessing hungama with sweets distribution and posters displaying all over with “Rajinikanth’s face. Thalaivar turns 70 today and it is his first birthday after he officially announced the decision to contest in upcoming assembly elections in 2021. Added to this, speculations make arounds about party’s symbol, which will be ‘Cycle with milk van’ as per his fans and RMM cadre. RMM leaders reached Delhi to register the symbol, as they felt this is the most auspicious day to do it. Clarity will be given in a few hours from now on the symbol by office bearers. Meanwhile birthday wishes started pouring him on Twitter with ”Thalaivar Birthday and Thalaivar B’day celebration” which is trending now from early hours of Saturday.

Can Symbol change his fortunes?: As per speculations now, if ‘Cycle with milk can’ symbol is allotted for Rajini’s party, political analysts started debate about the symbol and calculations about the fortunes for him. If we look at the history, there are only two parties which got the symbol ’Cycle’ and created history. Late NTR floated Telugu Desam Party on March 29th, 1982 and within 9 months; he came captured power and became chief minister of United Andhra Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh’s Samajwadi Party president, Mulayam Singh Yadav came up with ‘cycle’ symbol and became chief minister of the state thrice. It was later allotted to his son Akhilesh Yadav, after a dramatic turn of events between father and son. Akhilesh too became CM with the same symbol. No doubt that ‘Cycle’ created tremors in political circles and changed fortunes of leaders. But the story is different now, Thalaiva has only 4 months time to go into elections, If Rajinikanth can do it, he will be first to do so in four month, breaking previous record. Rajinikanth is taking all precautions about the symbol and may come up with a slight change, adding milk can to the cycle symbol, so that there will be no objection from EC or other parties like TDP. It was that poster from Rajini’s flick “Annamalai” which made his fans cheer a lot.

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BJP’s flavour in Rajini’s party: He came out on Twitter which reads, “With great support from people, in the upcoming assembly elections, an honest, righteous, transparent, corruption free, casteless, secular, and spiritual politics will be launched in Tamil Nadu for sure, wonder…..Miracle….will happen,” few days ago. There is a slight doubt in pollsters about Rajini moving closer towards saffron on reading this. Rajini’s tweet of secular and spiritual politics left dilemma in his fans as they believe two swords can’t be in one pocket. Keeping Arjun Murthy as party chief convenor and Ravi Manian as advisor has created more confusion, as they both are BJP sympathisers.

Basha says only one time: Rajini said ‘if party is successful, its TN people victory, if it loses, it’s their loss’ as said in his flick “Basha”, if I say one time it is equal to 100 times ,cleverly pushing the ball into voters court. PM Modi came on twitter to wish Rajinikanth. Dear Rajiniji, wishing you a Happy Birthday! May you lead a long and healthy life”, twitter reads.

Coincidence or lucky month: Rajinikanth’s birthday is on Dec 12th and his fans say December month is luck for him and important decisions will be announced in the same month. For example, in 2017 exactly he came up with a statement that he will come up with political party and contest in all 234 seats, as a new year gift. But there was discussion on formation of political party with Rajini Makkal Mandram (RMM) members. He did not contest in those elections. Rajini’s tweet, “Let’s change things for ever, now or never” is making rounds in TN political circles right now. Surely, if Rajini stands by his Tweet, 2021 TN will surely witness a political storm.

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