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Covishield vaccine reaches Hyderabad

  • 3.64 lakh vials of SII reached State Vaccine Centre
  • Covaxin vials by Bharat Bio tech will reach by Wednesday evening
  • Vaccination programme will be rolled out from Jan 16th

Hyderabad: In a deep freezer van, Covishield vaccine reached State Vaccine Centre located in Hyderabad on Tuesday amidst police security. These vials are filled in cartons and will be shifted or transported to Regional Vaccine centres in all districts of Telangana and from there to vaccine sites as per State’s Director of Public Health Dr. Srinivas rao.

On the first day of vaccine roll out programme (Jan 16th) around 13,900 health workers will be inoculated which will be held at 139 centres of vaccine sites. There are around 3.10 lakh healthcare workers who would be inoculated and this will be completed in four days, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday in1213 vaccine centres. Person who was administered first dose will have to wait for another 28 days to get second dose inoculated and all two doses will be of same company. Immunity will start after 14 days of two doses administered as per Doctors.

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Two Vaccines are safe:

Two vaccines available in India were safe and there is no doubt about this, said Dr.V.K.Paul, Niti Aayog Member. Vaccines have been tested on thousands of people and side effects are negligible. All vaccines in the world used currently against COVID -19 have been cleared under emergency use frame work. As we go ahead, we will have more options and India has also been able to get these vaccines at very competitive prices, said Paul.

Covishield or Covaxin, no option to select says Union Health Ministry:

People would not have an option to select between two available vaccines, Covishiedl or Covaxin when roll out starts on Jan 16th as per Union Health Secretary.110 lakh Covishield doses from SII at Rs 200/dose and 55 lakh doses of Covaxin from Bharath Bio-tech, of which 38.5 lakh doses are being made available, is priced at Rs295/dose. Bharath Bio-tech is providing 16.50 lakh doses of Covaxin at free of cost as a special gesture, said Union Health Secretary.

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