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Political interference in Anandayya’s drug distribution

  • Police creating obstacles for leaders of other parties in distribution
  • Only ruling party leaders allowed to distribute medicine
  • Is the medicine only patent of YCP? Opposition parties question

Amravati: Political fight is still going regarding Anandayya’s medicine in Andhra Pradesh despite court’s permission for its distribution. The drug distribution affair is politically charged in many districts of AP with opposition parties blocked and denied opportunity by police and government authorities.

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After ruling party MLA Kakani Goverdhan Reddy started door to door distribution in his constituency, Sarvepally of Nellore district, political leaders from different parties came forward to do the same in their constituencies, but police have stopped  them from doing it so. In Pudipattu panchayat of Chandragiri constituency in Chittoor district local Sarpanch was warned by police that cases will be filed if he doesn’t stop distributing medicine. This bitter experience shocked him who got medicine in huge quantity from Krishnapatnam to distribute.

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Jana Sena leader Ganesh Yadav had a similar experience in Palamaner municipality. Police in many other places are said to be obstructing the distribution of Anandayya’s drug.YCP leader Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy has taken up drug making but has been restricted to only his own constituency in which the drug is being distributed officially.

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Authorities and police have been blocking the distribution of Anandayya’s drug by leaders of other parties in the district. Local leaders of other parties are incensed. Anandayya’s medicine has become a patent of the ruling party leaders, said opposition leaders. We have a responsibility to work for the people and why are they creating obstacles? Political interference is rampant in Anandayya’s drug distribution affair in Chittoor district.

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