Sunday, June 23, 2024

Anandayya Medicine distribution from today

  • Will be distributed to Sarvepally constituency on Monday
  • To cover  Telugu states in a few days
  • No online delivery for now
  • P, L and F types are permitted for distribution by Government
  • HC delivers verdict on eye drops on Monday

Nellore: In the fight against Corona, Anandayya will start distribution of medicine from June 7th, Monday, that is today. After getting permission from AP government, Anandayya will distribute medicine for people of Sarvepally constituency in Nellore district which will be formally inaugurated by MLA Kakani Govardhan reddy. Anandayya requested people not to come to Krishnapatnam and medicine would be sent to their homes of the infected person. The first release will be door to door distribution in Sarvepalli and later it will be distributed to all districts of Telangana and Andhra soon.

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Five thousand doses will be delivered to each district Head quarters per day in coming days and Anandayya requested Government to look after the arrangements for distribution. For now, only 3 types of medicines will be distributed – P, L and F types – which are used for lungs cleaning, fever and liver problem.  Kakani is making arrangements for distribution of medicine as per the guidelines of Covid with the help of volunteers. The online availability of drug will take time as the activities related to it are not over yet.

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Chandragii MLA Chevireddy Bhaskara Reddy is also sought to provide medicine to every household in his constituency. All arrangements are being made for this and medicine blend which consists of six types of ingredients gathered from Seshachalam forest by MLA’s followers. Medicine is being manufactured at Mukkoti temple in Tirupathi and drug will be delivered from Tuesday in Chandragiri constituency. Section 144 is continuing in Krishnapatnam and  police are thoroughly checking adhaar cards before allowing any person into village.

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  1. Let us not relax after Taking Anandayya medicine and flout the rule of SMS- Sanitization – Mask – social distance. I think social distance does not mean keeping away by not sharing and caring of your family and elders,but maintain physical distance only, with masking and sanitization.


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