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Anandayya’s drug : AP govt. gives green signal

  • Gets nod based on CCRAS positive report
  • Clears permission for P, L, F drugs
  • K and I are yet to be approved (eye drops)

Amaravati:  AP government has given green signal to Anandayya medicine with a few terms and conditions. The approval for medicine is based on the positive report by CCRAs that drug does not contain any harmful ingredients, AP Govt said. Anandayya is distributing a total of five types of medicines for Corona. A drug to boost the immune system to prevent corona is one of them. Those who come positive are given four types of medication – P, F, L, K types to prevent coronary heart disease. Those who have dropped oxygen levels are given four types of drops.

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AP Government cleared permission only for types, P, L and F drugs. K and I which are used as eye drops are restricted as the final report from CCRAS is awaited. It may take two to three weeks for final report by Ayush and CCRAS and the decision will be taken after reviewing the report.

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Using drugs prescribed by doctors

Government has advised that they can use the drug of choice at their discretion, and can take Anandayya medicine along with prescribed medicines by doctors. Government ordered patients not to come to Krishnapatnam for medicine. Instead it is better to send their relatives or known persons to collect it. Government also passed message to the organizers to strictly follow the COVID protocol while distributing the drug. Government however clarified that there are no proofs that medicine will cure Corona as per studies.

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Permitted medicine by Government

1P: It cleanses the lungs. Those who are positive should take it twice a day for three days and those who are not positive should use it twice a day to boost their immunity.

It contains white buckwheat, maredu iguru, apricot kernel, neem  flower, five buckets of Devar Dangile, black cumin, patta, turmeric, tail pepper, green camphor, cannon wood powder all mixed in a bucket and boiled for four hours with the required amount of honey. Mixed and served.

2F: Giving to those who are positive. Use a bucket of pollen leaf, pepper, black cumin, patta, turmeric, paprika, nutmeg, and honey to two to three kg and mix all together and have it crushed. It should be taken twice a day for three days after meals.

3L: This is also taken by those who are positive. It is prepared by taking a bucket of ground amla and sock leaves, pepper, black cumin, patta, turmeric, papaya, nutmeg and two to three kg of honey. It should be taken once a day for two days along with 2F type of medicine.

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