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Nellore Anandayya in krishnapatnam under police escort

  • 144 sections in krishnapatnam
  • Anadayya’s wife requests police to keep him at krishnapatnam
  • Villagers demand police to be out of their village
  • CCRAS to submit report today
  • Permission for distribution of drug seems to be just a formality

Nellore: The self proclaimed medical practitioner who stopped distribution of medicine from May 21st, reached krishnapatnam on Friday, a week later he was moved to Nellore. Anandayya has been in the CVR Foundation in Krishnapatnam port for a week. He was provided with tight police security and Section 144 was imposed in krishnapatnam from Friday evening. Only family members were allowed to meet Anandayya under large scale police security.

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On the other hand, some gossips on social media said that Anandayya’s Corona drug has been re-launched in Krishnapatnam. Rumors have been circulated that the drug is being distributed from Friday.

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Hundreds of people have left for Krishnapatnam basing on this rumour. Anandayya denied about the distribution of the drug and clarified that he would distribute the drug as soon as the government gives permission.

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Positive report sent to CCRAS

Researchers collected 570 samples from Vijayawada and Tirupathi centers. A positive report was sent to CCRAS by Vijayawada Research Centre as per sources. There were no side effects observed after taking herbal medicine, says research report. Final report is expected by CCRAS within 24 hours. Now it looks the permission for distribution of Anandayya’s medicine to be a formality. AP Government is planning to distribute the drug on large scale. Anandayya’s followers are on the job of collection of materials to prepare the medicine  for distribution at least for one lakh people per day, if approvals are given by Government.

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Cannot be identified as COVID drug: Union minister Kishan Reddy

Union Home Minister Kishna Reddy said that if it is confirmed by Government and Ayush team, it is good for people, but that medicine will be considered as supplementary drug, but not as a cure for COVID. State Government shall report to the Central Ayush Department for this, he added. Kirshan Reddy reminded that Anandayya never said that the drug to be identified as CORONA medicine. Many, including Baba Ramdev, have applied for recognition of drug before, but centre has not approved any one as cure for COVID.    

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