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Nellore Anandayya’s Covid drug may take a month for approval

  • ICMR report is crucial
  • Ayurveda experts to conduct clinical trials on animals and human beings
  • Final approval should come from Central and State Governments

Intro: We are publishing updates on Nellore herbal medicine because if the medicine is proved authentic, it would be the first of its kind to contribute to scientific literature on Covid treatment from Ayurvedic system.

Nellore: The rush we had witnessd  on Thursday to Krishnapatnam indicates the struggle for survival against the corona virus. It’s  a psychological breather  for the people when they came to know that Anandayya’s herbal medicine  is arresting the progress of the disease within two days after administering it to COVID positive patients. Now the question is all about scientific sanctity, side effects or benefits from the  medicine. The self proclaimed practitioner could be seen as the first known case of COVID-19 positive patient treated completely with herbal medicine when world is reeling under the pandemic without a medicine for complete cure. The use and permission of vaccines or for various drugs in the name of emergency ,so far, no cure has been found for COVID-19 in modern western medicine.

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It is a pity that traditional Ayurvedic medicines were not granted permission in our country to treat corona virus when neighbouring country China gave a green signal and witnessing good, positive results from its traditional therapies. Now the Anandayya’s medicine can be treated as a “Test case” to explore the variety of pertinent medicines present in Ayurvedic pharmacopoeia. When COVID pandemic is rapidly changing its contours and evolving despite worldwide efforts to contain it, no system of medicine has found any evidence based treatment as yet, Anandayya’s medicine can be granted as emergency use as Ayush experts found the medicine has no harmful ingredients.

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AP CM’s role to be hailed

AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy sought a detailed study on the miracle medicine. He also ordered Ayush Commission to study the medicine and asked ICMR people to go to Nellore and know the facts. When people termed it as Ayurveda medicine or Herbal or local medicine (Naatu vaidyam), Jagan Mohan Reddy did not let it go down and with positive mind made a call to his MLA Kakani Govardhan Reddy to come out with the facts and to look after the safety and security to the Ayurveda Practitioner, Anandayya. It is the correct decision by a CM to know the facts about medicine before it could be allowed to be used widely as the cure for the Covid illness. Even Anandayya expressed the same opinion  that CM is observing  each and every issue in this regard and expressed confidence that his medicine will get approval.

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It is a long process

Experts from Srinivas Mangapuram Ayurveda Pharmacy visited Krishnapatnam and examined the medicine. After that they said that medicine has  ingradients that are not harmful, but if all the ingredients are mixed and made as a dose, it should be tested whether it will have harmful effects or not. The medicine will be first tested on animals for a week and later on human beings. The whole process will take for 3 to 4 weeks and after that it is left to State and Central Governments to grant permission depending upon the efficacy and report of clinical trials, experts said.

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Naidu criticises CM

TDP Supreme Chandrababu Naidu on Sunday said that AP CM Jagan Mohan reddy is not allowing Anandayya to distribute medicine. TDP senior leader, former minister Somireddy Chandrasekhara Reddy  also expressed the same opinion. But they should remember that medicine should get approval from ICMR and Ayush as the practitioner described it as Ayurvedic medicine.

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  1. Very good article, covering all angles. Yes, China is very proud its civilization and heritage, and they have ventured to put TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) at the forefront of the fight against the disease – and succeeded. Now, they are asking all the world to use TCM. But, India was unable to shake off its colonial baggage, and did not show any courage in allowing AYUSH to lead the fight, instead we depended on Allopathy and Western Pharma companies.

    What did Western pharma companies produce so far to fight against COVID? NOTHING. WHO has already recommended against Plasma treatment and Remdesivir. What is left? They do not have anything.

    It seems strange, but there are already thousands of people who took Anandayya’s medicine and got well. Why dont the AYUSH and ICMR team study those people? They should be having their RT-PCR+ reports with them, and if they have not taken a negative report, the study committee can do that now.

    The case is very simple in fact. Western medicine makes a claim and seeks approval, despite having dozens of harmful side effects. What is the problem in approving a medicine that has no side effects?

    By the way, NATU is a corruption of NATI – which means ANCIENT. Some of the formulations in our country are quite old and even predate Ayurveda. Such treatment is called NATI-VAIDYAM, or in vikruti NATU-VAIDYAM. It is in no way inferior to any other medicine. It is just that all that science has later been absorbed into AYURVEDA, but some formulations are continuing their independent existence. This is the history of NATI(U) VAIDYAM.


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