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Covid-19 cure: Can Nellore herbal drug be antidote for Corona?

  • Anandayya’s  medicine draws huge crowds from several states
  • Vice President Refers to ICMR and Ayush to study
  • People  says no side effects, drug is working fine

Nellore: Krishnapatnam, a port town of Nellore district, is the talk of the nation right now. When world is reeling under deadly virus pandemic, one man by name Bonigi Ananadayya  looked cool and busy in distributing herbal drug with confidence that it will cure Corona in 48 hours. Can you believe it? Yes, it is the miracle witnessed in and around Nellore district which is drawing huge crowds towards Anadayya’s residence at krishnapatnam.

Herbal drug is working  wonders

Thousands of people who took the medicine since 24 April 2021 said that herbal drug or Ayurveda ,whatever the name may be, is working on corona and curing it completely within two days or 48 hours. Muthkur village of Krishnapatnam have not recorded single COVID positive case in first wave and second wave, this is all due to the medicine given by Anandayya, says villagers of Muthkuru.

The self –proclaimed ayurvedic practitioner, Bonigi Anandayya, has been giving medicines for various diseases for the past 15 years. District officials said that his medicine is boosting immunity in patients against Corona virus and even worked for patients who are suffering with severe breathlessness and dip in oxygen levels.

Reports received by  the State government from higher officials indicated that there are no side effects for the drug, but it should be noted that Anandayya was not an authorised practitioner. Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy requested  ICMR to conduct studies on the herbal drug, now the samples of herbal drug were sent to Hyderabad lab for further analysis. The distribution of drug was stopped and will continue once ICMR gives green signal.

Rs 1 lakh investment by Anandayya

Anandayya‘s sons are software engineers who gave one lakh rupees as an investment to get ingredients for herbal drug. After Anandayya distributed medicine for COVID positive patients it yielded positive results by neutralising the corona virus. None of them was effected with virus after they were given herbal drug, says Krishnapatnam villagers. They are doing voluntary work by helping Anandayya in collecting ingredients and helping to prepare medicine. They are also looking after the distribution of drug free of cost.

Many of the young people in the village are serving as volunteers. Another drug is being developed to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease in people who have had a pre-existing condition. Health department officials also said samples of what he distributed will be tested by a team of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), the country’s premier scientific body.

Venkaiah Naidu refers drug to ICMR for study

Nellore herbal drug news came to the notice of Vice President Venkaiah Naidu. He immediately spoke with Union Minister Dr. Harsha Vardhan by phone. He also directed Ayush Minister-in-charge Kiran rijju and ICMR Director-General Professor Balaram Bhargava to start a study on Nellore Ayurveda medicine.

Now the team will study the wonder drug that is being promoted as an antidote to Corona.


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