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Nellore Anandayya’s drug termed Herbal, not Ayurvedic

  • AP Ayush Commission calls it herbal medicine
  • Ayush confirms that Anandayya not using harmsful ingredients
  • To release on you tube and social media about preparation of medicine

Nellore: Anandayya, an ordinary villager who became talk of the country  after the citizens came to know that a miracle medicine prepared by him is curing deadly Corona virus. On Saturday, AP Ayush Commission chief Ramulu observed the method of preparation of the medicine and the ingredients used for it. Ayush Commission revealed that there are no harmful substances used in the preparation of medicine. But they clarified that the genre  of medicine should be termed as ‘Herbal’ but not Ayurvedic. Ayush also clarified that common ingredients are used in eye drops and there are no side effects with it. A team of doctors would decide whether Anandayya would work on patients or not, said Ayush in-charge Ramulu. After doctors’ team sends the report to CCRAS after examination, Government would take a decision on the distribution of drug after receiving all reports.

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Anandayya safe with security

Meanwhile Nellore SP said that Anandayya is safe in their hands and he is provided with security to take care of him. SP denied rumours about Anandayya’s   arrest. It is our duty to look after his safety after public came to know that his medicine is working. People in thousands are coming to Nellore for the medicine and Anandayya is in a safe place in Nellore in the presence of Ayush representatives. There are rumours in social media that there are threats to Anandayya from medical mafia and to be on safe side, he is provided with security, SP claimed.

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TTD Ayurvedic doctors team visits Krishnapatnam

Ayurvedic doctors and scientists from TTD visited Anandayya’s native place Muthkuru and inquired about the past history of Anadayya’s  medicines for which he has been giving for years. Later, accompanied by MLA Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy, the team has spoken to  Anadayya about the preparation of medicine. TTD Ayurvedic team said that if government issues legal permission for the medicine, they are ready to distribute it in future. As there are no harmful ingredients in medicine, it is better to distribute medicine as quickly as possible to control the pandemic, the TTD team said.

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Will post in you tube and Social media: Ayush

The Ayush Committee felt that it is better to post in social media and you tube about the preparation of medicine at home. Then it  will help ease the rush in Nellore and pressure on Anandayya. All ingredients are available at home and people  can prepare the medicine by themselves. But before that we should get green signal from ICMR and the government, Ayush Team said. We should also get clarification about the medicine on whether it will cure corona virus or not. Once it is confirmed, we will go ahead as per govt’s decision, Ayush team clarified.

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Difference of opinion between Allopathy and Ayush

The conflict about the medicine widened between Allopathy doctors and Ayush team and pro-Anandayya group. Allopathy doctors strongly believe that the medicine has no impact on corona virus and it is dangerous to take drops in eyes. They quoted Kotaiah’s case as an example. Kotaiah, who was a retired teacher took drops two days before and came in front of cameras by saying that he is fine and his oxygen levels have increased. But on Saturday evening, after 48 hrs, he was rushed to hospital with low saturation levels. Anadayya followers say that Kotaiah took treatment for more than seven days in a corporate hospital and he came in last minute after virus is fully loaded. Until now there is no proper clarification on this issue by Ayurveda practitioner Anandayya. Kotaiah is recovering.

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Distributed medicine for 60,000 patients until now

Self-proclaimed Ayurveda practitioner Anadayay sayaid, “I have distributed medicine for more than 60,000 people up to now and no one complained of side effects. I am doing it free of cost and for self satisfaction, he further said. I am practising it for more than 20 years, giving medicine for various chronic diseases; it is hereditary in our family and never thought of making money. I will help people whenever is in need. Second wave is taking lives of people in a cruel way, so I came forward to do something for the people with my medicine.”  Ayurveda doctor’s team from Vijayawada will reach Nellore on Sunday for further studies. ICMR representatives will reach by Sunday evening. Once these two teams give detailed report to Government it will come up with final decision, Untill then whole of India will be looking at Nellore with bated breath.

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