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COVID-19 Cure: Nellore Anandayya corona medicine has no side effects

  • Scientific study of the drug underway
  • Live demo on medicine preparation on Saturday by Anandayya
  • Satisfied with use of medicine says AP Health Secretary Anil Kumar Singhal
  • Scientific study being carried out
  • What kind of ingredients used in preparation of medicine?

Nellore: Nellore district Krishnapatnam Ayurvedic medicine is being researched by state officials as well as central AYUSH officials, said Anil Kumar Singhal, chief secretary, Andhra Pradesh state medical health department.

Singhal said they were satisfied with the use of the corona medicine offered by Anandayya. No side effects were reported with the herbs and ingredients in the medicine. The ICMR team is touring Nellore district to examine Anandayya Corona medicine. Anandayya said that a scientific study is being carried out on the corona drug.

Is corona reduced due to antidepressant medicine? Or, did the corona decrease as the virus intensity slowed? It was clarified that a study needs to be done to know the answers. On the other hand, he said the authorities have been directed to look into the pattern of corona cases in Krishnapatnam.

Singhal says Ayush department satisfied

Singhal said that the AYUSH department officials in Krishnapatnam had examined the drug preparation process and the views of the users. The Central AYUSH Department has also discussed the matter with its superiors. According to Colonel Ramu of Ayush, samples of drug were collected and sent to Hyderabad lab for study. The preliminary test revealed that ingredients are in right proportion. The final results will be out within a week said Ramu. Government temporarily suspended the distribution of drug as thousands of people stormed towards krishnapatnam for medicine, thus violating COVID protocol.

It is well known that Anandayya, self proclaimed practitioner, is distributing medicine to combat COVID. After patients gave feedback that medicine is working and neutralising virus, people across states reached krishnapatnam in thousands for medicine on Friday.

5 types of medicine by Anandayya

Anandayya is distributing a total of five types of medicines for Corona. A drug to boost the immune system to prevent corona is one of them. Those who come positive are given four types of medication – P, F, L, K types to prevent coronary heart disease. Those who have dropped oxygen levels are given four types of droplet drops.

1P: It cleanses the lungs. Those who are positive should take it twice a day for three days and those who are not positive should use it twice a day to boost their immunity.

It contains white buckwheat, maredu iguru, apricot kernel, neem  flower, five buckets of Devar Dangile, black cumin, patta, turmeric, tail pepper, green camphor, cannon wood powder all mixed in a bucket and boiled for four hours with the required amount of honey. Mixed and served.

2F: Giving to those who are positive. Use a bucket of pollen leaf, pepper, black cumin, patta, turmeric, paprika, nutmeg, and honey to two to three kg and mix all together and have it crushed. It should be taken twice a day for three days after meals.

3L: This is also taken by those who are positive. It is prepared by taking a bucket of ground amla and sock leaves, pepper, black cumin, patta, turmeric, papaya, nutmeg and two to three kg of honey. It should be taken once a day for two days along with  2F type of medicine.

4K: This is also taken by those who are positive. It is prepared by taking a bucket of large nuts, pepper, black cumin, patta, turmeric, paprika, nutmeg and two to three kg of honey. It should be taken once a day for two days for positive patients.

5I: Eye drops for those who are deficient in oxygen. Honey, eggplant pulp and tail pepper are used. Use a kilo of honey, one hundred grams of tail pepper and a little eggplant pulp and apply one drop in each eye depending on the intensity of the pulse.

If the report by ICMR reveals that medicine is working,  it would  be great news for India and the world.

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