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Covishield 2nd dose gap revised

  • 12-16 weeks gap good, says experts committee
  • Gap revised based on emerging scientific evidence
  • For Covaxin, gap unchanged at minimum 28 days

New Delhi: Centre has once again revised the gap for second dose of Covishield vaccine based on emerging scientific evidence. The gap between two doses is very important in India as many beneficiaries missed or missing the second one due to shortage of vaccine. On Thursday, Central government expert panel said that the second dose gap can further be extended to 12 -16 weeks. These suggestions or recommendations will be sent to National Expert on Vaccine Administration before the changes come into act.

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India’s vaccination drive started in January, 2021 and gap then suggested between two doses was 4 weeks for Covishield. Later in March, the gap was revised to 4-8 weeks. Now once again the expert panel recommended that the gap can be further extended to 12-16 weeks.

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Does the gap affect more?

Yes, say the studies reported by UK which reveal that it works better when two doses are spaced apart. Lancet studies revealed that effectiveness increases by over 26% if the doses are spaced 12 or more weeks. The experts say that gap for Covaxin is unchanged and reasons they put forward for this are: Covaxin is an inactivated vaccine which contains a “dead virus” incapable of infecting people. It is still able to instruct the immune system to mount a defensive action against an infection.” There is no such data that proves more efficacy if the gap between two doses is widened. Everyone was given second dose in a space of 28 days and no change has been suggested to this gap as of now by experts’ committee.

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