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Would silence, Modi’s biggest weapon, work this time?

  • Why is Modi silent when his party workers were assaulted in West Bengal?
  • Opposition is making fun, but Modi is silent.
  • Modi is the target of international media as well due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Why is Modi Silent despite criticism?

New Delhi: After the Assembly elections in West Bengal, BJP workers are being targeted and attacked there. But Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not said a word on this. One after another, all opposition leaders are targeting him, but PM Modi is silent. Even BJP workers are angry after their colleagues were killed, but he has not broken his silence. What is happening to the leader who is famous in the world for his attacking postures and statements? Those who watch Modi closely say that there is nothing new about this. Modi uses his silence as his weapon and as the right opportunity arrives, he settles the score.

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Opposition and supporters, both are targeting Modi. The fragmented opposition has started seeing the image of Rani Lakshmibai in Mamata Banerjee, who has returned to power in Bengal for the third time in a row. The opposition hopes she will defeat Modi at the Centre in 2024. Rahul Gandhi, the leader of the Congress — the party that could not get a single seat in Bengal — stood in the queue to congratulate Banerjee. Even the Shiv Sena could not hide its happiness.

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Why is Modi silent when his party workers are assaulted in West Bengal?

Modi is feeling the pressure of his own supporters. Modi is a superstar on social media, but for the past few days, he is being abused and even his hardcore supporters are asking why he allowed Banerjee to take oath in Bengal and did not clamp President’s Rule in the state in view of the post-polls violence. The example of Indira Gandhi is being cited and it is said that had this attack been happening on Congress workers, she would have clamped President’s Rule. That is, of course, a overstatement.

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Opposition is making fun, but Modi is silent.

It is said about Modi that not everybody has the capacity to remain unscathed by his anger. But today, even those leaders who are novices in politics and have still not found their footing are browbeating him. They are breaking all the decorum of the Constitution and attacking PM Modi. The latest example is of Jharkhand chief minister Hemant Soren, whom PM Modi called to discuss the Covid-19 fight. Instead of thanking PM Modi, Soren said that Modi always speaks out what he thinks, and does not discuss the issues at hand. Just a few days back, during the PM’s meeting with chief ministers, Delhi’s chief minister Arvind Kejriwal broke the protocol and was telecasting the meeting live. Soren was unhappy that he was not given an opportunity to talk about problems in Jarkhand. Kejriwal expressed his apologies for breaking protocol.

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Modi is the target of international media as well due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

International media has been targeting Modi for the past few months. With the piling up of bodies and criticism of the government’s handling of the issue, they are questioning Modi’s future. A large number of analysts have said Modi’s sun is about to set now, that corona has sealed Modi’s fate, and that the country will see a huge political change in 2024.

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But Modi is keeping mum despite all this. Modi is not defending himself even when his critics are saying that this is the worst phase of Modi’s political career. What is the reason for his silence? Is Modi helpless or has he nothing to say?

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Silence is Modi’s biggest weapon.

Those who know Modi’s politics say that there is nothing new in this. This is not the first time that questions are flying about his political career. In the past, too, he has come across all this. But this time around, it is the most depressing  phase.

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If you look at Modi’s career carefully, this has been happening to Modi at regular intervals and he has been keeping mum. He has given the answer with his work and with his performance. Whenever it was said that he was finished, he rose like a phoenix.

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Modi has been silent whenever he faces criticism. It has to be seen whether Modi would  give back in full measure as usual and make the critics appear stupid or go down in history as an arrogant  prime minister who did not take the opposition leaders and other leaders in his own party into confidence in an inclusive manner when he faced the greatest crisis of his career.

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